Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Gameplay From The Dark Dimension

Capcom has released a new trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite showing off gameplay battles involving Ghost Rider, Jedah, Firebrand, and Dormammu.

Our own fighting expert Suriel has gotten his hands on the game, and notes tweaks such as Dormammu’s special now making it easier to fire Liberation blasts, as well as Ghost Rider’s ability to fight up close as well as from a distance.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite comes out on September 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Beta Test Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Gameplay From The Dark Dimension

Life Is Strange Dev Working On New IP With Bandai Namco

Life is Strange developer, Dontnod Entertainment, is partnering with publisher/developer Bandai Namco for a new IP to be officially announced in 2018, according to MCV.

The game, set in a fictional city in the U.S. involves a “fair dose of investigation,” according to Bandai Namco.

For more on the publisher’s thoughts on the collaboration, head over to the full story in the source link below.

Meanwhile, Dontnod is also working on Life is Strange 2. As for prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm, that’s a different developer (Deck Nine), but you can still get our Gamescom impressions here.

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Our Take 
The project seems to be centered on exploring the psychology of its characters, but I’m interested to find out if its gameplay mechanics or even the way gamers move around the world is any different than what we’ve become used to in Life is Strange. Either way, I’m excited for the endeavor.

Beta Test Life Is Strange Dev Working On New IP With Bandai Namco

Hellboy Coming To Injustice 2

Developer NetherRealm Studios has just announced Injustice 2’s second fighter pack DLC, containing Hellboy, Raiden, and Black Manta.

A release date for the DLC has not been given at this time.

For more on the game, check out Reiner’s review.

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Beta Test Hellboy Coming To Injustice 2

Watch Nine Minutes Of Trogg Battling In Ni no Kuni II

Ni no Kuni is a series recognized for its beautiful art design and rich characters, but less remembered for its combat. We recently had the chance to see how Ni no Kuni II has mixed it up in The Trial of Courage, a small slice of the game that features a battle against a giant Trogg. Watch us collect Guilders, enlist the help of Higgledies, and wait patiently through loading screens below.

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Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is set to release on January 19th, 2018 after a recent delay. For more, check out our interview with game director Akihiro Hino.

Beta Test Watch Nine Minutes Of Trogg Battling In Ni no Kuni II

Dragon Ball FighterZ's Power Level Is Off The Charts

This past E3, a Cinderalla story started formed around Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball Z fighting game, efficiently named Dragon Ball FighterZ. Comparisons to other fighting games flattered Dragon Ball, but the game is impressive all on its own, and it continues to look and play far better than you would think a licensed fighting game could.

The build I played featured the newly announced Androids 18 and 16, along with Piccolo and Krillin who were announced a few weeks prior but haven’t been playable until now. I kept coming back to the table where FighterZ was set up just to get a few more rounds in.

I can’t say at this point that FighterZ is the best fighting game I have ever played, but it is one of the most fun times I have had playing a fighting game.

The Legend of Shenron
I am a big Dragon Ball fan and have been one for years. In terms of long-lasting childhood heroes, the adventures of Goku and his compatriots have stuck with me throughout my life. Even today, as I habitually sit down to watch Dragon Ball Super every week, I think about how important the series has been to my media consumption habits. This affection for the license makes me appreciate the little details of Dragon Ball FighterZ even more.

There are small things here and there – Krillin sometimes throwing a Senzu Bean to heal himself or others, animal people in the Tenkaichi audience, moves and animations taken directly from manga panels for maximum accuracy, but all of it contributes to this feeling of making Dragon Ball fans feel at home. This game is way more than just fanservice, but every little detail elevates the game higher for fans.

The Path To Power
Whether you’re a fighting game expert or you’ve never touched a game like it before, playing FighterZ feels incredibly natural for any skill level. Players who want to come in and mash buttons can do it with a significant level of competence. This is not to say the game is random, but execution is not necessarily the singular key, as a player good at covering their attacks with assists for safety or playing mind games with their opponent will succeed more often than a player who isn’t. A game about Dragon Ball is likely to have a different audience than a Guilty Gear title, so the easier executions mostly based on quarter-circle movements will open it up for more people to play it well.

The Legendary Super Saiyan
Suffice it to say, every single character in FighterZ is incredibly gorgeous. Building off the same cel-shaded technology utilized in their Guilty Gear Xrd games, Arc System Works has created a fantastic 3D engine that looks and feels like 2D sprites. FighterZ looks exactly like the television show, or rather, what I remember the television show looking like. All of the fighters have every bit of their smarm, arrogance, naivete, and determination in their facial animations, never mind the pixel-perfect accuracy in their clothes and designs. It transcends fanservice and makes a legitimate argument for being the best-looking fighting game out there.

Battle of Gods
Both Androids 16 and 18 incorporate grabs into their arsenal, which is a little less common for the punch-and-beam-happy rest of the cast. Android 18 also does not work alone, adding her brother Android 17 into the mix in special moves and her Level 3 Super move. It might end up being a little disappointing for 17 fans who wanted him in the game, but he is pretty fundamental to his sister’s moveset.

Android 16 is the grappler of the game, moving a little bit more slowly than most other characters, but making up for it with super armor and grabs that do heavy damage to opponents. It can be annoying to swat away faster characters who are zooming in and zooming out, but it only takes one strong throw to even the health up. The tall, statuesque Android also features a one-hit KO move where he grabs the opponent and explodes, marking the only time outside of Yamcha that self-destruction has accomplished its goal.

Piccolo and Krillin were also available, with both characters playing a bit more similarly to the rest of the cast. Instead of a ki blast button, Piccolo’s arm extends out to grab opponents and pull them in for hard combos. He also has the ability to teleport behind the opponent at will with a backwards elbow, sending them bouncing against the side of the screen. Krillin has a special move where he summons a rock to throw, which will sometimes instead be a senzu bean. In the source material, a senzu bean heals a wounded fighter completely, which it more or less does in FighterZ, as well. The problem is that anyone can use the bean Krillin throws, so if he isn’t quick to grab it or tag to someone who can, he merely ends up healing his opponent.

I left FighterZ just wanting to play more of the game. It may be the most enraptured I have been with a fighter in a long time. I keep thinking about how, in one match, I used Goku’s Kamehameha super against the opponent, who teleported behind me to kick me in the back, and I quickly tagged into Freeza who came in with a super that punished my opponent, all in the span of maybe two seconds. I also keep thinking about the time I accidentally threw a senzu bean at Trunks and lost the match. I keep thinking about FighterZ a lot, and its release next year feels like an eternity away.

Beta Test Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Power Level Is Off The Charts

Release Dates For A Trio Of Bethesda VR Titles

QuakeCon 2017 starts today, but Bethesda is also talking about the future, in particular, release dates for three of the company’s VR titles.

Skyrim VR (PSVR) is out November 17, Doom VFR (PSVR/HTC Vive) December 1, and Fallout 4 VR (Vive) on December 12.

Stay tuned for more news from QuakeCon 2017.

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Beta Test Release Dates For A Trio Of Bethesda VR Titles

Blizzard Details Overwatch Season Six Competitive Play Changes

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has outlined some changes to the game for Season Six competitive play in a new developer update video.

In the video below Kaplan lists a variety of changes coming including a shorter season (and the subsequent adjustment of Competitive Points), Control maps now being best of three, and a variety of other tweaks.

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Beta Test Blizzard Details Overwatch Season Six Competitive Play Changes

Xbox Live Issues Are Causing Some People To Be Unable To Launch Games

On the Xbox Support twitter, Microsoft has stated that they are currently investigating an issues with Xbox Live that include a complete lock down of the ability to launch any games from the system.

The tweet directs people to the Xbox Live status page which, as of writing this, tosses up an error message stating that the status page itself is down.

It is somewhat of an upsetting scenario for people, especially considering that the online check for launching games was supposed to have been completely removed before the system launched. Earlier this year, Brian Shea (who also reported that he has been unable to launch Xbox One games today) argued that Xbox One’s digital game errors are unacceptable and that players should never lose access to single-player games due to server issues.

It is an unfortunate reality of server-based gaming that servers themselves go down occasionally, but how much they take down with them should be minimized as much as possible.

[Source: Xbox Support Twitter]

Beta Test Xbox Live Issues Are Causing Some People To Be Unable To Launch Games

Cuphead Looks To Be Both Punishing And Beautifully Wacky

Reminiscent of games like Contra, StudioMDHR’s Cuphead is a run ‘n gun platformer with a steep but satisfying learning curve, and it’s got one of the most unique aesthetics I’ve seen in a game to date. Inspired by both retro games and 1930s cartoons, Cuphead is endearing, but also so brutally hard that I kept dying over and over again — and that’s far from a bad thing.

Cuphead is a difficult game, but in an incredibly satisfying way. As I struggled to even make it through the first level, I was hit with a wave of joy when I finally beat it. My tiny Cuphead character waved his arms around and cheered, as if he were as happy as I was for the success. In the demo I played, I got to try the opening level solo, and two boss battles in co-op. 

With infinite enemies coming at you without pause, Cuphead keeps you on your feet. You can swap between two attacks at a time, which in the demo included both blue and red projectiles. Swapping is essential: I learnt quickly that the blue attack was best at long distance, and the red attack has a larger area of effect. At the end of each stage, you’re graded on how well you do, but that doesn’t involve just surviving or how quickly you beat it. For example, you can accumulate extra points and fill up a special attack meter by hitting color coded objects with a parry ability. 

You can watch some edited gameplay down below, which shows off the first level as well as two boss battles in co-op.

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The hand-drawn animations are a joy to watch, with enemies disappearing into a cloud of cartoonish smoke when defeated and Cuphead’s hand in a finger gun motion as he shoots. The bosses are goofy but monstrous, including oversized vegetables like a crying onion and a carrot that shoots tiny carrot missiles. These fights have you keenly learn your enemy’s attack patterns, which requires a lot of dodging and quick thinking.

As for music, Cuphead’s soundtrack is based off old jazz recordings, and these fast-paced tunes work fantastically to amp up the action. This only added to my immersion, and even without sound, I was already completely enthralled by the game’s wackiness.

I didn’t want to stop playing, even despite its brutal difficulty. Each time I died, I was eager to return to the whimsical world and try my luck again. Cuphead has a wonderfully addictive feel to it, and I look forward to its release, which is September 29 for Xbox One and PC.

Beta Test Cuphead Looks To Be Both Punishing And Beautifully Wacky

Warner Bros. Aiming To Produce Joker Origins Movie With Martin Scorsese

Warner Bros. and DC are revving their engines up on another Batman spin off, this time telling the origins of everyone’s favorite Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker.

The studio is attempting to get The Hangover‘s Todd Philips to both write and direct the movie with film legend Martin Scorsese producing. As such, the studio wants the film set in 1980’s Gotham, with a gritty and crime-filled tone that invokes Scorsese’s most well-known work. 

While Jared Leto played the Joker in Suicide Squad and will reprise the role in Harley Quinn’s own spin off, the studio is reportedly looking for a younger actor to play the Joker’s origin.

[Source: Deadline]

Beta Test Warner Bros. Aiming To Produce Joker Origins Movie With Martin Scorsese