Super Mario Land Gets Recreated In Super Mario Maker

Mario’s first Game Boy outing has been recreated in it’s entirety using the Wii U creator Super Mario Maker. 

Youtuber KHAce has been busy recreating one of his favorite Game Boy games. There are a few changes, of course, but anyone who spent time with the Game Boy original will find these levels memorable. If you want to play them yourself, download each level using the level codes found below the video.

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  •     1-1: 8088-0000-02E1-8DAB
  •     1-2: 3eB9-0000-02E1-8E7E
  •     1-3: 0BE6-0000-02E1-8F1B
  •     2-1: 5751-0000-02E1-8FCF
  •     2-2: E5C3-0000-02E1-90B3
  •     2-3: 3624-0000-02E1-9251
  •     3-1: BC22-0000-02E1-93EE
  •     3-2: 20C5-0000-02E1-9504
  •     3-3: 25B0-0000-02E1-963A
  •     4-1: B108-0000-02E1-9772
  •     4-2: EE82-0000-02E1-986D
  •     4-3 (Level): 0103-0000-02E1-9992
  •     4-3 (Tatanga Fight): ECCD-0000-02E1-9A32

[Source: NeoGAF via Eurogamer]

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