Star Trek Online Launches New Season On January 26

Season 12 of Cryptic Studios’ MMORPG take on Star Trek will commence on PC on January 26,  publisher Perfect World Entertainment announced today. The console version of the expansion will announced at a later date.

Perfect World laid out the details of the expansion in a press release:

Season 12 – Reckoning continues the mission from Star Trek Online’s latest update, Agents of Yesterday: Artifacts. Under the leadership of Captain Kuumaarke, the Lukari have set out on a journey to investigate some unusual activity in an unexplored region of the Alpha Quadrant. Upon further inspection, they discover data that suggests weaponized use of protomatter. Fearing the Tzenkethi are behind this, they put out a call for help to the Alliance, who tasks captains from across the galaxy to help the Lukari prevent a looming cataclysmic attack.

Mission details for Season 12 – Reckoning will be revealed in the new featured episode, “Of Signs and Portents,” which will also feature the game’s first appearance of General Rodek, voiced by actor Tony Todd. The update also unlocks an expansive amount of content for captains to explore, including a new reputation, a new crafting school in the R&D System to create kits and modules, two brand-new space queues (“Gravity Kills” and “The Tzenkethi Front”) and a full space battlezone that has the Alliance pitting itself against the Tzenkethi in a desperate bid to stop the production and deployment of protomatter weapons.

If you haven’t tried out Star Trek Online and want to see the game in action, you can check out our Test Chamber here.


Our Take
It’s nice to see an MMORPG as old as STO (it launched back in 2010) still thriving given that a lot of recent ones have been falling into the abyss. 

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