Splatoon 2's Pop Duo Pearl And Marina Get The Amiibo Treatment

Nintendo recently announced Splatfest hosts and pop duo Pearl and Marina will soon be available to buy as amiibo. While no details have been given as to what their functions will be when activated in the game, Nintendo says they’ll be available to purchase later this year.

Both amiibos will be available only as a two-pack for $24.99. You can watch a short teaser below.

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Nintendo also mentioned that a new map is on the way, along with a new weapon set called Dark Tetra Dualies. The basketball-themed map is called Goby Arena, and you can view some pictures of it below in Nintendo’s tweet.
As for the Dark Tetra Dualies, they allow you to shoot while rolling, and players can do four dodge rolls in a row when using them.

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Beta Test Splatoon 2’s Pop Duo Pearl And Marina Get The Amiibo Treatment

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