Someone Made A New Game For The Sega Genesis, Decades After The Console's Release

If you happen to have your Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, outside the US) hooked up to your TV right now, you’re in luck! There’s a new game you can play on it.

Developer Matt Phillips has released Tanglewood, a sidescrolling platformer he made using the same tools as developers of the 90s used in order to approach the project with an authenticity most faux-retro games of the current age lack. “I like to work with the restrictions of the system itself rather than making it for a modern PC on a modern engine,” Phillips told the BBC. “I’ve done a lot of that in my lifetime. I’m getting a bit bored of that.”

Phillips, who lives in the UK, created the game using an original Mega Drive development kit running on a Windows 95 PC, both of which required several repairs over the course of development. To get a better look at the game in action and learn more about Phillips’ process (which includes reaching out to a factory in China to manufacture a cartridge for it) check out the BBC segment here.

You can pre-order your copy of the game here. If you don’t¬†happen to have a Mega Drive or Genesis, you’re in luck! Phillips plans to port the game to modern PCs, and you can download a demo for that version here.

Beta Test Someone Made A New Game For The Sega Genesis, Decades After The Console’s Release

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