Some Of Battlefront II's The Last Jedi Content Rolls Out Today

DICE revealed the first season of Battlefront II’s DLC based on The Last Jedi in early November. Today, players can start doing faction quests by choosing their team in preparation for the full roll out.

Players can choose either the New Republic or the First Order to ally themselves with, participating in faction quests for the next week. Faction quests will net players credits and crafting parts, as well as a larger reward for the winning team. The first faction quest charges players with getting fifty kills with each trooper class.

After the first week of faction quests, and coinciding with the release of the movie, far more significant DLC becomes available. DICE then adds Captain Phasma and Finn as heroes, a new Galactic Assault map called Crait, a new Starfighter Assault map by the name of D’Qar) and Tallie’s A-Wing as a new vehicle, plus new daily challenges.

There will also be a new single-player mission, titled Resurrection, that once again follows protagonist Iden Versio as she witnesses the First Order’s rise to power.

EA said yesterday that they are making changes to Battlefront II’s progression and economy, which should alter the way the game is played. 


Our Take
The DLC being free should keep players engaged, assuming everything else holds up. As players are getting more and more hyped up for The Last Jedi, they’re going to want to play something that helps enthuse them more.

Beta Test Some Of Battlefront II’s The Last Jedi Content Rolls Out Today

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