Sega Teases New Valkyria Announcement

Sega, publisher of the Valkyria franchise, has opened a new site teasing an announcement about the series coming next week.

Launched earlier today, the website only has the words “Valkyria project coming soon” with the date November 20 available. Several other languages aside from Japanese are available including English, French, and Spanish. 

The series started in 2008 with the release of Valkyria Chronicles for PlayStation 3, and saw two more core entries on the PlayStation Portable. The first game also released on PC, and a remaster came to PlayStation 4 last year. However, the third entry was never officially released in North America. The most recent offshoot title in the franchise, Valkyria Revolution, was regarded by many fans as a disappointing departure. Check out our review of the game here.


Our Take
Though this could be the return to the franchise’s tactical RPG roots fans have been waiting for, it’s equally likely it could be a remaster collection of the first three games. Likewise, there is no guarantee the project will be intended for audiences outside Japan, but the inclusion of multiple languages used in Europe and the U.S. is encouraging. In the meantime, we can only keep our fingers crossed until the official announcement comes on November 20.

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