See What The Cameras In Sonic Generations Can't Catch In This Video

Like most Sonic Games, Sonic Generations is about speed. While that makes for fast-paced gameplay, it also means it’s easy to miss lots of small details as you speed by areas like Green Hill Zone. The camera’s limited views also get in the way.

Thankfully, Youtuber Shesez has figured out a way to look closer at the stages most of us blaze right on by. Using some camera wizardry in his Boundary Break, he’s able to show us some fun secrets, like whether the powerups inside those little TVs are actually 3D or 2D, what the “classic” 2D levels look like from behind Sonic’s back, and what Sonic’s mouth looks like inside of his skull.

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Beta Test See What The Cameras In Sonic Generations Can’t Catch In This Video

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