Reader Discussion – What's Your Favorite Video Game Music Cover?

Earlier today we posted an analog synth rendition of the original Metroid’s soundtrack. Since then, I’ve had at on in the background while working. I think this cover lets some of the mood and and loneliness from that game sink in. It’s definitely one of my favorite reworks of a classic game theme.

But what’s your favorite of all time? I think my favorite game music cover is the hip-hop album Ocarina of Rhyme, which takes a number of songs from The Ocarina of Time, adds some more oomph to them, and layers on vocals from Dr. Dre, Clipse, Aesop Rock, and others. It’s almost seven years old and I still listen to it.

It can be hard to displace the magic of an original game composition mixed with the game it’s for, but has a cover of a song ever exceeded the original? What’s your favorite video game song cover?

Beta Test Reader Discussion – What’s Your Favorite Video Game Music Cover?

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