Reader Discussion – Do You Have A Favorite Game/Album Combo?

At one point in your life, you’ve started listening to a new album while you were playing a game. Maybe you really liked that album, and started listening to it several times. And while you were, you just happened to be playing a game that didn’t really need you to pay attention to its sound all the time. So you started listening to that album while you were playing the game. And maybe you did that enough that you made a fond little memory out of it.

My favorite game/album combo has to be taking out Far Cry 3 outposts while listening while listening to Grimes’ “Visions.” It’s a fantastic album, and Grimes’ vocals are just clouded enough that you had to listen to it several times just to figure out what she was saying. Similarly, as an open-world game, Far Cry 3 eventually hits the point where you’re doing cleanup objectives before tackling the next story mission, so trying to listen to “Visions” intently while absent-mindedly sniping bad guys from afar melded together nicely. I have no idea of the two of them mesh in any thematic way, but to me, the two are forever intertwined.

So what’s yours? Did you sort of enjoy Sonic Heroes because you were listening to Rob Zombie’s greatest hits? Do you remember a particular match of Dota 2 really well because you listened to Tinashe’s “Aquarius” throughout it? Let us know in the comments.

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