Rare Reveals Detailed PC Spec Requirements For Sea Of Thieves

Rare has shared the requirements for minimum, ultra, and
all specifications in between needed to run Sea of Thieves on PC.

A handy graph shaped like a treasure chart reveals specific
settings, such as what is needed to run the game at 1080p resolution and 30
frames per second, or the same resolution but at 60 fps. Regardless of your rig, everyone will need at least
60 GB of hard drive space.

You can watch our Sea of Thieves adventures, including our journey
to the edge of the map
, attacking
an enemy pirate ship
, beta
, and read our thoughts
on the closed beta
, as well.

Sea of Thieves launches March 20 on Xbox One and PC.
Players on both platforms can play with and against each other.

Sea of
Thieves website


It’s neat to how Rare details the
specifics on what’s needed to run the game at different resolutions and frame
rate. Hopefully more developers will provide these kinds of broad details in future

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