Provocative Visual Novel Ladykiller In A Bind Comes To Steam

Ladykiller in a Bind, the new erotic visual novel by indie developer Christine Love, just hit Steam. The game was available on both and Humble’s store when it was released back in October but not on Valve’s digital storefront.

Many had assumed the reason the game wouldn’t be available on Steam was due to its highly-charged sexual nature, Love told Polygon that Valve was, “extremely supportive and immediately understanding,” after she talked to them about the game’s content.

Though we didn’t officially review Ladykiller in a Bind, fellow editor Elise Favis and I had a lengthy chat about how it approaches sexuality and representation in interesting ways.

[Source: Steam]


Our Take
Though Steam has seemingly always played fast and loose with what gets in the store and what doesn’t, it’s nice to see games as unique and provocative as Ladykiller in a Bind make it onto the digital platform for a larger audience to experience. 

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