Pokémon Sun & Moon Players Blow Second Straight Global Event

After players failed to meet the goal for the first global event in Pokémon Sun & Moon, developer Game Freak said it would lessen the requirements for the second occasion. Despite this gesture, the players yet again couldn’t pull it off. 

For the second global event that started January 6 and ran until January 9, trainers were tasked with using the Island Scan feature to find one million Pokémon, then catch or defeat them. If all participants met that goal, then everyone would have received 2,017 Festival Coins. But the community only came up with 661,000, again falling well short of their goal. As a consolation, participants received a prize of 217 Festival Coins.

During the first event players were challenged to capture 100 million Pokémon, but only came up with 16 million.


Our Take
I guess Game Freak should continue to re-scope their global event goals downward until the players have more of a fighting chance. 

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