Pokémon Sun And Moon's Second Global Mission Is Live

Up until January 9, trainers can use the Island Scan feature in Pokémon Sun and Moon in a collective attempt to find one million Pokémon, then catch or defeat them. If all participants meet that goal, then everyone will receive 2,017 Festival Coins. However, even if trainers don’t get close to that achievement, participants will be compensated with 217 Festival Coins.

The mission is live now, so all you have to do is hop into the game and start using the Island Scanner. The tool, which allows you to locate rare Pokémon, is unlocked once you use the QR reader five times and gain 100 points from it in a single day. To get started, you can use some of the codes below.

The first global mission tasked players with the challenge of finding 100 million Pokémon, and that goal was never met. Hopefully, this mission will be more likely to succeed considering the goal has dropped to one million Pokémon. Good luck!

[Source: Pokémon]

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