Pokémon Go Update To Fix GPS Drifting

The notes for the latest Pokémon Go patch are somewhat sparse compared to other updates, but their implications could be big.

Specifically, the update looks to address the issue of GPS drift, which is when a GPS signal can “drift” around slightly on a map, even as the device emitting the signal remains idle. Pokémon Go this allowed users to slowly accumulate kilometers at home, which wasn’t technically cheating but was something of an exploit. After this update, that should no longer be the case.

The update will also show eggs collected from PokéStops on the Apple Watch version of the game, and introduce some more minor text fixes.

[Source: Pokémon Go Live


Our Take
I’ll admit to having hatched one or two eggs by using GPS drift it’s too tempting not to! But fair’s fair, and this update is going to encourage people to go out and hatch their eggs as Arceus intended. That said, in an ideal world, you’d be able to get kilometers while on a treadmill, too. You can already do this on the Apple Watch version of the app, so it’d be nice if it came to the phone version, as well.

Beta Test Pokémon Go Update To Fix GPS Drifting

Science-Fiction Weekly – Dead Effect 2, Exclusive Look At New Dreadnought Ships

If you consider yourself a big mobile gamer, you may be familiar with the name Dead Effect. According to the series’ developer, Bad Fly Interactive, Dead Effect 2 has been downloaded over seven million times on mobile devices since its launch on October 28, 2015. Don’t worry, I had no clue this series existed either, which is unfortunate since I’m loving the hell out of the Xbox One port. The game hit Xbox Live and PlayStation Network last week, and I think it’s worth a look, but not for typical reasons.

Don’t read too much into Dead Effect 2’s name; it isn’t an amalgamation of Mass Effect and Dead Space. Bad Fly has paved its own path into the science-fiction world with a zombie-killing experience that embraces camp to a degree we rarely see. As much as Dead Effect 2 tries to deliver intense run-and-gun action, the real fun comes from the hilarious spoken dialogue. The type of humor that is deployed is hard to read, but that’s part of what makes it fun. I honestly don’t know if this game is supposed to be comedic or not. Did Bad Fly try to make cool characters
and missed the mark entirely? Or do they have masterful command of all things cheese? No matter what the intended result was, if you love watching low-budget Syfy movies,
this game is fired from the same Ion Cannon.

That’s not to say the gameplay isn’t fun. It’s a little sloppy control-wise, and the A.I. loves running into bullet showers, but the gunplay feels nice and the action rarely has a lull in it, delivering nicely in enemy variety and making each conflict feel like a real fight.

Don’t expect much from the story, however. Yes, it’s technically science-fiction, but outside of the outer-space setting (on the Spaceship ESS Meridian), and a lab experiment gone awry, killing is the name of the game. The tight corridors don’t offer much in terms of maneuverability, but swinging swords or using high-powered weapons to down zombie dogs and brain-eating astronauts is oddly satisfying. I’m four hours into the adventure, and it’s holding my interest nicely. Along with the humor, the game offers a surprising amount of depth in its weapons (of which there are over 300), as well as the various upgrade systems. Implants deliver combat boosts like strength bonuses, improved accuracy (through new eyes), and other things that can enhance your potential. The player also levels up, and points can be exchanged for new class-based abilities. If you choose a melee character like I did, you can equip one special such as a ground slam or the ability to pull or throw enemies. Points can alternatively be used to activate 14 special abilities, as well as general or weapon abilities. Like I said, it has depth, but camp remains the star.

I haven’t said “Xbox record that” this much while playing a game before. I couldn’t believe the ridiculous stuff my character was saying, and the people around him are just as silly and hard to believe. Here’s how a typical conversation unfolds in Dead Effect 2:

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And I know you want to see more of Minikin, so here he is in action:

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Finally, take a look at a boss fight. I have no idea why he explodes at the end, but I approve. Why not make him explode is the real question here.

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That’s Dead Effect 2. If you enjoy watching Game Informer‘s Super Replay series, I have a feeling you enjoyed the clips I shared and want to see more. The entire game is filled with content just like this. It’s currently retailing for $20 on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Now let’s talk about Dreadnought. I raved about piloting a capital-class ship in this game a few weeks ago, and now we’re getting an intimate look at several new vessels, along with “Hero Ships” that should be available when the game launches later this year. Hero Ships are uniquely designed, giving players instant access to high-end weapons and modules. The catch: These beefed-up alternatives are micro-transactions. As developer Yager points out, “While Hero Ships don’t give you an outright advantage in battle, they do offer more specialized options.”

Yager provided Science-Fiction Weekly an exclusive look at six vessels. The first three fall into the Dreadnought-class designed by Jupiter Arms, a manufacturer of weapons and defense systems. As Yager points out, “[Jupiter Arms’] employees live and work
in pursuit of a common purpose: to build the best, most efficiently
destructive tech in the Solar System.”

Tier IV
Length: 591m
Mass: 2,570,000t
Crew: 2,600

The Jutland was taken to the frontlines of all post-War raider skirmishes in the Jovian system, crushing its enemies with its heavy-caliber guns. Commissioned by Jupiter Arms’ Shiphead Machia, the Jutland is one of the biggest, slowest and sturdiest ships in the Jupiter Arms fleet and it is still a mystery how it the well-guarded monster ship ended up on Sinley Bay.

Tier V
Mass: 3,590,000t
Crew: 2,700

The Monarch is a true behemoth. Solid and armed to the teeth with Heavy Ballistic Cannons, its close-range power is second to none. While the Monarch packs guns that can decimate the sides of any vessel, it is the slowest, least-agile ship in the Solar System.
This gargantuan Dreadnought was originally captained by Shiphead Rout as the flagship of Jupiter Arms’ fleet. Its strength and durability have since been pushed to unrivaled levels.

Trident (Hero Ship)
Tier IV
Mass: 4,276,800t
Crew: 2,400
This Monarch-class Dreadnought is a weapon of vengeance. Commanded by Captain Melville Blanco under the banner of the Pan-Colonial Fleet, this flagship represents its captain’s crushing defeat at the hands of a Transhuman Dreadnought—and obsessive pursuit of retribution.

The final three ships are tactical cruisers from Akula Vektor, which Yager describes as a “combination of two megacorps: Akula, a defense
manufacturer, and Vektor, a producer of anti-gravity systems and other
civil tech. Its members are unsophisticated, no-nonsense realists, but
their ultimate goal is steadfastly optimistic: to create a battleship
that is incapable of being destroyed.”

Tier IV
Mass: 384,920t
Crew: 280

Legend has it that the audacious Ambassador Spinoza Dek always flew the Koschei right to the front of skirmishes, although the traditional position of a Tac Cruiser is at the back. As a tribute to Captain Dek’s hubris, this ship was converted into an ironclad tactical cruiser right at home on the frontlines.

Tier V
Mass: 428,800t
Crew: 350

The slow, thick-armored Ohkta is designed to do two things: heal allies, and soak up damage like a tank. Its healing-only primary weapon makes it perfect for repairing teammates from a safe, defensive position.

The Ohkta was commissioned by Akula’s Director of Ethical Hacking, General Reid Guth, who sought to create “the queen of all support vessels.” After Guth defected to Sinley Bay, he pushed it far beyond its original specs.

Kali (Hero Ship)
Tier IV
Mass: 490,100t
Crew: 540

The Kali is the Flagship of Commodore Rajesh, head of security at Akula’s refinery moon Phoebe. Rajesh is notorious for his cruelty and the crews in his fleet are famous for their efficiency. The Kali is a legend amongst mercenaries who have attempted to attack Phoebe and survived – they tell tales of a seemingly indestructible fleet, made almost invulnerable by the Kali’s unstoppable support prowess.

Out of these six ships, the I’m looking forward to flying the Trident the most. That’s a nice looking ship, and it’s called a “weapon of vengeance.” You can’t really top that.

That’s it for this week’s Science-Fiction Weekly. I can think of no better way to end this column than with more Minikin. Enjoy!

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Beta Test Science-Fiction Weekly – Dead Effect 2, Exclusive Look At New Dreadnought Ships

Little Nightmares Trailer Kills Six Several Times, Reveals Special Edition

Most trailers show off how good it feels to succeed at the game in question. In Little Nightmares’ latest trailer, it seems like killing off the main character is the best way to show the game off.

It fits with the game’s theme, however. Little Nightmares is a dark game where death is around every corner, so seeing some of the ways main character Six can die (such as falling through the floor or getting stuffed inside a raw fish) is a good way to let players know what they’re getting into.

If that does sound like something you’d be into, the trailer also details the features of the game’s Six Edition, which includes a special figure of Six, a soundtrack CD, a sticker board, and a poster. You can watch the trailer below.

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Little Nightmares hits on April 28.

Beta Test Little Nightmares Trailer Kills Six Several Times, Reveals Special Edition

Study Breaks Down The Cheapest, Most Expensive Places To Buy Game Consoles

If you think you’re getting the best deal on a new console, think again. If you think the prices of consoles have gotten too high, you may also want to think again – unless you live in Venezuela.

Linio, one of the largest retailers in Latin America, has complied the findings of a study it conducted in 2016 comparing the various prices of phones, appliances, and gaming consoles around the world. It then adjusted those prices to American dollars and Euros.

The study analyzed the prices of two gaming consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) across “at least the ten largest retailers in the country’s five largest cities.” The price list offers some interesting details about what the tech markets for various places around the world are like. According to the study, the five places that offer the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the cheapest relative price are:

PlayStation 4 Xbox One     
1. Hungary ($246.89)            Switzerland ($222.55)
2. Ukraine ($254.18) Romania ($223.46)
3. Canada ($274.25) France ($227.90)
4. Poland ($281.59) Canada ($233.14)
5. Italy ($281.96)  Qatar ($249.72)

And the most expensive:

PlayStation 4 Xbox One     
1. Venezuela ($56,723.53)    Venezuela ($37,073)
2. Angola ($868.75) Brunei ($737.90)
3. Thailand ($716.70) Vietnam ($680.90)
4. Argentina ($566.52) Costa Rica ($640.96)
5. Brazil ($565.20)  Thailand ($605.42)

Western Europe seems to be the best place to buy a console, with Canada also cracking the top five for both PS4 and Xbox One. By comparison, the U.S. ranks 13th on the PS4 rankings, and 31st on the Xbox One list. This could be due to the relative strength of the Euro at the time the study was conducted. In recent months, the Euro has gotten weaker.

Meanwhile, the most expensive places to buy consoles tend to be in the South and Latin America, Southeast Asia, and South Africa, where import tariffs and other factors tend to the raise the price of consoles. Of particular note are the chart-topping prices of Venezuelan consoles, which have skyrocketed due the country’s ongoing fight against massive inflation. This isn’t limited to electronics, either; the cost of basic foods like milk has also gone up astronomically. The country has raised its minimum wage five times in the last year to combat the issue.

[Source: Linio]


Our Take
Though this doesn’t mean you should go to Hungary and Switzerland for all your console-buying needs (the shipping costs and/or international trip costs will probably eat into the price difference), it does offer an interesting microcosm of how goods and services are priced around the world, and how political and economic issues around the world can affect those prices.

Beta Test Study Breaks Down The Cheapest, Most Expensive Places To Buy Game Consoles

GTA Online Adds Collection Time Mode, Dewbauchee Specter Car

Grand Theft Auto Online shows no signs of slowing down as Rockstar today announced a new vehicle and Adversary mode that should give players more to do and a new ride to do it with.

Collection Time has two to four-player teams fighting over  literal bags of money. Each player starts with one bag of money, which drops upon death and can be picked up by anyone. The team with the most bags at the end of the match wins. To celebrate the launch of the mode, Rockstar is offering double cash and reputation rewards for playing Collection Time until January 30.

Also until January 30, players can save 25 percent on Benny’s upgrades (including the Executive Upgrade, which adds the shop to players’ own garage) to welcome the game’s latest vehicle, the Dewbauchee Specter, a lightweight sports car.


Our Take
Dewbauchee is a pretty good name for a car. It’s also nice to see Rockstar’s still adding new modes for longtime GTA Online players to mess around in. 

Beta Test GTA Online Adds Collection Time Mode, Dewbauchee Specter Car

Registration For Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 PC Open Beta Starts Today

We’re still a few months away from playing the final version of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, but developer CI Games is pulling back the curtain for a segment of its player base. PC/Steam players can get a sneak peek at the latest entry in the series starting on February 3 through an open beta.

Registration for the open beta begins today. It features two missions: Cut Off and Blockout. In Cut Off, players must infiltrate a Separatist-occupied antenna array to gain access to the satellite signal, while Blockout features main character Jon North hunting down a war criminal listed on his “Most Wanted” list.

To register for the open beta, head here. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 4.

Beta Test Registration For Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 PC Open Beta Starts Today

Nintendo Planning Fire Emblem Direct Presentation Tomorrow

Nintendo has announced that it will hold a Fire Emblem Direct presentation tomorrow to run through upcoming titles in the series.

The Direct takes place on Wednesday, January 18 at 2 p.m. Pacific time, and can be seen at this site.

It was recently announced that the Nintendo Switch is getting a Hyrule Warriors-esque Fire Emblem title called Fire Emblem Warriors, so we imagine we’ll hear more about that title. A mobile app is also in the works, so that’s a good candidate for the presentation as well. Hopefully there are some more surprises in store for fans.

Beta Test Nintendo Planning Fire Emblem Direct Presentation Tomorrow

Latest Injustice 2 Trailer Reveals Brainiac, Robin, And Darkseid

After announcing its May release date and teasing fans with an image of Superman holding a lifeless, veiled body in his arms, NetherRealm has released a new trailer that reveals three new characters: Brainiac, Robin, and Darkseid.

The trailer, called “Lines Are Redrawn” casts its various heroes (Superman, Batman, and Supergirl) in various thematic lights while briefly alluding to events from the first game (such as Superman killing The Joker after the latter murders Lois Lane), the trailer. As various superheroes square off against each other, we get our first glimpse of Robin’s new outfit and fighitng style (though no gameplay is shown). At the end of the trailer, it’s revealed that Brainiac will be joining the fight this time around. After that, we see Darkseid suiting up for battle (which he really should have done before he left the house), before revealing the character will be a pre-order incentive. You can watch the trailer below.

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Beta Test Latest Injustice 2 Trailer Reveals Brainiac, Robin, And Darkseid

Nioh Has Gone Gold

Nioh, the upcoming action/adventure game from Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja, has finally gone gold after over 10 years in development. Team Ninja began developing the game in 2004 off an unfinished script by famous director Akira Kurosawa. Nioh was thought to be in development hell until 2015,  when Koei Tecmo reintroduced it to the public through a series of demos.

Koei Tecmo made the announcement today on its Twitter feed:

Nioh will be released for PS4 on February 7.You can check out our latest preview of the game here.


Our Take
I spent a good bit of time with Nioh’s alphas and was shown pieces of the game during preview events and I have to admit: I’m pretty excited to get my hands on this one. 

Beta Test Nioh Has Gone Gold

Zenimax Doubles Down On Theft Allegations As Lawsuit With Oculus Begins

With its trial against Oculus currently underway, ZeniMax has released a statement expressing confidence in its position. The $2 billion lawsuit alleges not only that id Software co-founder John Carmack stole several documents prior to his departure to Oculus to serve as its chief technology officer, but that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey and former Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe knowingly spread a false story about how Luckey invented an early prototype of the Rift headset in his parents’ garage. Iribe recently transitioned his role from CEO to head up a new PC division within Oculus. You can read the comments provided to Game Informer by a Zenimax representative below.

“With the start of the trial of our case in Federal District Court in Dallas against defendants Facebook, Oculus and its management, ZeniMax and id Software welcome the opportunity to present substantial evidence of the defendants’ misappropriation of our Virtual Reality (VR) intellectual property. That evidence includes the theft of trade secrets and highly confidential information, including computer code. ZeniMax will also present evidence of the defendants’ intentional destruction of evidence to cover up their wrongdoing. ZeniMax and id Software are the visionary developers of breakthrough VR technology, and look forward to the vindication of our claims.”

As the trial began last week, Oculus publicly called out Zenimax in a statement to Upload VR. “We’re eager to present our case in court,” the company said. “Oculus and its founders have invested a wealth of time and money in VR because we believe it can fundamentally transform the way people interact and communicate. We’re disappointed that another company is using wasteful litigation to attempt to take credit for technology that it did not have the vision, expertise, or patience to build.”


Our Take
Not that this hasn’t been a long and ugly fight already, but this could get much worse before it reaches a resolution. Zenimax’s statement exudes confidence, but as you saw in the statement from Oculus, the company doesn’t appear to be backing down.

Beta Test Zenimax Doubles Down On Theft Allegations As Lawsuit With Oculus Begins