Left 4 Dead Developer Releases Unfinished Campaign For Download

Although it’s no longer working on Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios has a habit of supporting their games long after release. Case in point: they’ve just released a new, unfinished campaign for the original Left 4 Dead.

Dam It, which is available for download via a third-party site instead of through Steam, combines the campaigns of two previously-released campaigns, Dead Air and Blood Harvest. This should not be considered an official release for the game; rather, think of it more as a developer making unreleased content public. As such, it still has several bugs. “It’s gray box [which means many of the environments lack proper textures], and some code features are missing,” says the Turtle Rock developer who uploaded the campaign, “but it’s playable from beginning to end.”

The campaign also adds two survival maps that are have also never been released.

[Source: Turtle Rock Forums]

Our Take
This is such a weird release, but it I’m guessing it’s interesting to see if a developer felt the need to make it public. 

Beta Test Left 4 Dead Developer Releases Unfinished Campaign For Download

Watch Your Friend's Dad Perform All Of Bayonetta's Super Smash Bros. Taunts

Nick Luciano’s dad has been humoring his son’s weird requests to perform stances from video game characters for a long time. He’s performed all of the winning poses for Street Fighter characters and imitated the taunts from the entire cast of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

But he hadn’t done Bayonetta’s taunts. He’s finally rectified that.

Luciano Jr. has uploaded the final piece of the puzzle: a video of his dad doing all Bayonetta’s taunts, dressing in khaki shorts and a striped polo instead of a Baoynetta’s signature hair outfit and using dog leashes instead of pistols. You can watch the video of this happening below.

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We can finally be at ease.

Beta Test Watch Your Friend’s Dad Perform All Of Bayonetta’s Super Smash Bros. Taunts

Hands-On With Raid Boss Ragnaros In Heroes Of The Storm

At BlizzCon 2016, I had a chance to check out the two upcoming characters for Heroes of the Storm: Varian and Ragnaros. While Varian is probably the more interesting character from a competitive standpoint (because he can be built as two different archetypes over the course of the game and is incredibly versatile), the real show-stealer is Molten Core’s kingpin, Ragnaros.

Capturing the feel of a raid boss in a game like Heroes of the Storm is a real challenge, but after Blizzard tackled the two-player controlled Cho’gall I suppose I’m not really that surprised Ragnaros looks, feels, and sounds just like the iconic World of Warcraft raid monstrosity. The towering lava titan can actually take control of allied forts (or destroyed forts) and become an immobile living fortress complete with powerful new abilities and a massive amount of health. You crush the little insects around you in true raid boss fashion!

Ragnaros is no slouch in the lane either, shooting off meteors, blast waves, and swinging the legendary hammer Sulfuras around. Perhaps the most flavorful of Ragnaros’s suite of skills is one of his ultimate choices, the lava wave. This attack actually travels the full distance of the map down a lane, wiping out every enemy minion and roasting heroes for absurd damage. There’s some time to get away, but if you’re caught in the blast, you’re going to burn (It doesn’t hurt structures, so don’t plan on exploiting that to kill forts unchecked).

I’m generally more interested in heroes that break the established “rules: of the MOBA-like, such as Cho’gall or Abathur, and Ragnaros may be my favorite addition to the Heroes of the Storm roster yet. I love to see Blizzard’s classic characters break out of their home games and be implemented here while retaining their signature flavor and style. Now, if we could just get Deckard Cain added to the roster, we’d be all set.

Beta Test Hands-On With Raid Boss Ragnaros In Heroes Of The Storm

Hands-On With Hearthstone's Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan

The streets of Gadgetzan are full of thieves, smugglers, and other unscrupulous characters looking to make a bundle of gold. At BlizzCon 2016, I took a dive into the upcoming Hearthstone expansion Mean Streets of Gadgetzan to find out more about the crime families, tri-class cards, and guns that shoot piranhas.

The tri-class cards are definitely the biggest feature for this set, allowing for loads of new strategies. Instead of being limited to a single class (which makes a set somewhat tied down in terms of deck construction), cards in each of the families can be played by three Hearthstone classes. Rather than giving each class a set of tools and archetypes, this allows for a lot more creativity when it comes to deckbuilding. The tri-classes are thrown into crime family buckets known as the Grimy Goons, The Kabal, and the Jade Lotus (Basically brawn, sneakiness, and spellcasting).

Each family has at least one card that lets players discover other cards from outside their class, meaning not only can you dabble in tri-class cards, but also pick class exclusive cards to use from your associated classes. Are you burning through life too fast to draw cards in your Warlock deck? How about using the Kabal’s strengths to dip into some Priest class cards to boost your health? These kinds of possibilities make Mean Streets one of the most interesting sets yet, and it’s honestly a big – and really cool – change for Hearthstone.

There’s great, ridiculous stuff outside of the tri-class mechanic as well. The crime leader of the Kabal, Kazakus, breaks all the rules, allowing players to actually create a custom spell when played. Creating a potion from ingredients, players can craft over 100 different combinations of cards to get the exact tool needed for any situation. While playing around with it, I was facing down a board of goblins and ogres, so I quickly cobbled together a spell that would do 4 damage to the entire board and freeze anything left standing. Kazakus will almost certainly find his way into many Priest, Warlock, and Mage decks, and the crazy plays and game turnarounds should make for some amazing, watchable Hearthstone. I can’t wait to see what the other crime family bosses bring to the table.

Due to the tri-class mechanic, this is easily the most excited I have been for a Hearthstone expansion. While it may not have the gigantic Old Gods slithering around, the competitive and creative prospects for this set look awesome.

Beta Test Hands-On With Hearthstone’s Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan

Nidhogg 2 Coming To PlayStation 4 Next Year

The recently-announced Nidhogg 2 features a very divergent art style from the first, with fewer insane clouds whizzing by and more monstrous-looking fencers and giant worms.

On the Official PlayStation blog, Kristy Norindr, co-founder of developer Messhoff LLC, announced the game will also be available on PlayStation 4 sometime next year. 

Norindr also spoke about the decisions to change up the game’s art style for the sequel. “We wanted to flesh out the world of Nidhogg and for us that meant a total graphical refresh,” she said. “Since there is a lot of back and forth within each game, we wanted the details to slowly emerge while you’re playing.”

[Source: Official PlayStation Blog]

Our Take
I’m not sold on the art style yet, but I get the decision to move away from the original’s art. Messhoff wants the game to feel more like a place, whereas the original’s art style felt more like an abstract expression. But no matter how it looks, I’m hoping Nidhogg 2 is as good a party/fighting game as the first one was, because I loved it quite a bit. 

Beta Test Nidhogg 2 Coming To PlayStation 4 Next Year

Game Informer's Blizzcon 2016 Hub

Blizzcon is going on this weekend, and we’ve been hit with an avalanche of news for Overwatch, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, and more. It’s a lot of news to take in, so we’ve compiled all of our Blizzcon coverage into one convenient post.

We have a lot of news already, but check back throughout the day, as we’ll be updating this post with every bit of Blizzcon-related news.

Beta Test Game Informer’s Blizzcon 2016 Hub

Diablo III Seasons Are Coming To Consoles

Although the big Diablo III-related announcement at Blizzcon this year was the new Necromancer class, Blizzard also made another important announcement: Diablo III’s seasons are coming to the console versions of the game.

Seasons will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One “early next year,” according to Blizzard, with the PC and console versions both starting Seasons 10 at the same time.

Our Take
On PC, Seasons have been a big thing for a while. Seasonal characters get access to the newest gear first, before being rotated into the main game. They offer a great way to start fresh every once in a while, and them coming to consoles will allow PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players to check in with the game every once in a while and feel like they’re working towards something new.

Beta Test Diablo III Seasons Are Coming To Consoles

Heroes Of The Storm Nexus Challenge Event Offers Overwatch Skin

As part of its slew of announcements for Blizzcon this year, Blizzard has launched Heroes of the Storm Nexus Challenge for the year. Playing the game with friends in the coming weeks will net you all sorts of prizes, not the least of which is an exclusive Overwatch skin.

In order to get the Oni skin for Genji in Overwatch, you’ll have to group up with at least one friend and play 15 games of Heroes of the Storm with them. You can play those games in any mode, including in the Co-op vs. AI mode, which features only you, your friends, and some bots. Along with netting you a new skin, playing 15 games will also give you a spray and in-game icon featuring the Oni Skin for Overwatch, and will unlock Zarya and an Oni character picture in Heroes of the Storm.

If you’re interested in grabbing more rewards for Heroes of the Storm while you have your friends’ attention, playing 30 games with them will unlock a few characters and bonuses for Heroes of the Storm. You will earn the characters Auriel, Greymane, Kerrigan, and Li-Ming, the Orochi Hovercycle Mount, and a 30-Day Stimpack, which will increase the amount of experience earned from playing games.

The Nexus Challenge will run from November 15 to January 4.


Our Take
Playing Heroes of the Storm will cut into my valuable Overwatch time, but it’s been a while since I played HotS, so I’m okay with having a reason to jump back in. I don’t even play Genji. Free Zarya’s the goal.

Beta Test Heroes Of The Storm Nexus Challenge Event Offers Overwatch Skin

What To Watch This Weekend: Extra Life, Blizzcon, And The Red Bull Battle Grounds

No matter what you’re into, this is weekend is going to go by quick. Whether you’re into intense competition, want the latest news for some of your favorite games, or just want to sit back and be a charitable patron, there’s more than enough to watch this weekend.

First, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Game Informer’s own Extra Life stream, which is currently underway and will marathon a number of video games and activities for a whole 25 hours! Come and join the magic, and donate to Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare to see our editors do weird things! (Stream / Schedule)

Next, we have Blizzcon, which will not only have a number of panels, events, and activities centered around all of Blizzard’s franchises. It’ll also house the biggest tournaments in the world for Overwatch, StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm, and more. (Stream and Schedule)

While those tournaments are wrapping up, the Dota 2 ESL One in Genting is just starting up, with qualifiers taking place all weekend. This’ll be a good chance to see each region’s best teams fight against each other ahead of the Boston Major next month. (Stream)

In fighting game news, the Capcom Cup North American Regional Finals are this weekend at the Red Bull Battle Grounds. After this, there’s only one more stop on the Pro Tour before the Finals in December. (Stream / Schedule)

FInally, we have the RCLS Regional Playoffs, which will see the 4 best teams from North America and Europe fight for the right to go to the league’s grand final. North American teams play today, and European teams play tomorrow. (Stream)

That’s it for this weekend! Let us know if we missed anything in the comments, and please go watch and donate to our Extra Life!

Beta Test What To Watch This Weekend: Extra Life, Blizzcon, And The Red Bull Battle Grounds

Replay – Monster Rancher

This week on Replay, we, alongside a special guest, take a look at Monster Rancher – a game that turns your CDs into in-game content.

Andrew Reiner, Javy Gwaltney, and I are joined by Motion City Soundtrack frontman Justin Pierre for a look at Reiner’s most-played games of all time. We give birth to a handful of monsters, freeze them, and train another, born from Motion City Soundtrack’s 2010 album, My Dinosaur Life, into a frozen dinosaur crushing machine. For part two, we look at a game that is perfect for a special rock star guest. Also, Javy wears a chicken hat.

From left to right, two dudes, Motion City Soundtrack frontman Justin Pierre, and then another dude.

For more from Justin Pierre, you can check out his YouTube channel here, and his new music on Bandcamp or iTunes.

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For more episodes of Replay, check out our Replay hub, or click on the banner below to watch episodes on YouTube.

Beta Test Replay – Monster Rancher