Explore The Fantastical World Of Final Fantasy XV In New Trailer

Square Enix unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, highlighting its fantastical beasts and creatures that inhabit the world. Florence and the Machine’s haunting song “I Will Be” plays in the background, which is one of three tracks that the band recorded for the upcoming game.

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Final Fantasy XV releases for Xbox One and PlayStation on September 30. A movie tie-in to the game, titled Kingsglaive, is out in select theaters as of August 19. Click the banner below to see our hub of exclusive content surrounding the RPG.

Beta Test Explore The Fantastical World Of Final Fantasy XV In New Trailer

Did You Know Gaming Offers Trivia About Shin Megami Tensei Franchise

The YouTube gaming trivia channel, Did You Know Gaming, takes a look at Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei RPG series and its spin offs, offering tidbits of knowledge you might not have known. 

The series began as an adaptation of the 1986 sci-fi novel Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei. Altus wasn’t the first to adapt the novel into a game, with Telenet Japan releasing the top-down RPG Devil Story: Megami Tensei in 1987 on the MSX and PC-88. As for Atlus, its series became one of their most popular franchises, and was a stepping stone towards successful spin-offs that went on to be their own popular series, such as Persona.

An interesting bit of knowledge is how Megami Tensei translates to metempsychosis, which is the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth that is part of Buddhist beliefs. Reincarnation is seen throughout the series, with the first game including a character that was described to be the reincarnation of an ancient goddess. The video also examines the inspirations behind the original Shin Megami Tensei, such as the setting taking great influence from a Tokyo neighborhood where the art director, Kazuma Kaneco, lived at the time. Watch below to learn more.

Beta Test Did You Know Gaming Offers Trivia About Shin Megami Tensei Franchise

Star Wars' R2-D2 Actor Kenny Baker Passes Away At Age 81

Kenny Baker, who starred in the first six Star Wars films as the droid R2-D2, recently died after battling a long illness. The British actor rose to fame after his appearance as the robot in the first Star Wars film in 1977. 

Following the debut, he continued to portray the character in following movies such as The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, along with the 1999 to 2005 Star Wars prequels. Outside of his work with Star Wars, he also appeared in films such as The Elephant Man (1980), Time Bandits (1981), and Flash Gordon (1980).

Baker’s niece Abigail Shield told The Guardian that he “had a very long and fulfilled life,” and that he brought “lots of happiness to people.” Baker was just 3-foot-8 and doctors told him he wouldn’t live past puberty. He surpassed these obstacles, and first began working in show business through theater and the circus. His rise to fame, however, began with Star Wars. Because of his height, he was small enough to fit inside the droid, which director George Lucas believed would make him perfect for the role.

Baker had been looked after by his nephew, as he suffered with lung problems and was often confined to a wheelchair. Shield told The Guardian that his death was “expected, but it’s sad nonetheless.”

Game Informer extends its condolences to Baker’s family and friends.

[Source: The Guardian, Photo Courtesy of Rory Gilder/Rex Shutterstock via The Guardian]

Beta Test Star Wars’ R2-D2 Actor Kenny Baker Passes Away At Age 81

Dota 2 Adding Pit Lord To Roster, Along With New Hero The Monkey King

Valve has announced two characters coming to Dota 2: Pit Lord, who appeared in the original Dota mod, and The Monkey King, a character who has never been playable before.

These announcements were revealed during the last few days of The International, the world’s largest Dota tournament, which is offering a record-breaking prize pool of over $20 million. Pit Lord is expected to join the game as of August 23. This was huge news for fans who have long awaited his arrival in Dota 2, and he will now be called “Underlord.” Watch his reveal below.

This wasn’t the only big news to surface, however, as Valve also unveiled a new and original hero called the Monkey King, who will be added in the New Journey Update. The Monkey King is based off of Monkey King Sun Wukong, who is from Chinese mythology and a character from the 16th century Chinese novel Journey to the West. This update will arrive in spring of next year.

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The grand finals for The International are in full swing today, and you can watch via Twitch here

[Source: Reddit (1), (2), YouTube

Beta Test Dota 2 Adding Pit Lord To Roster, Along With New Hero The Monkey King

Niantic Is Permanently Banning Players That Use Bots In Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go developer Niantic is cracking down on players that are using bots or programs that alter GPS locations. If you’re caught using one of these services, you could face a permanent ban, according to a new post in the FAQ section of the game’s official website.

Using third party software is against Pokémon Go’s terms of service. On its website, Niantic states that you can face a permanent ban by “falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software.” 

In response, several bot programs including NecroBot are shutting down as they claim Niantic is sending out cease and desist letters. “Due to legal action being started against other bot creators/devs (we did not receive a letter yet) the Project development will be stopped,” writes the creators of NecroBot on GitHub as they close shop. We have reached out to Niantic to confirm whether these have in fact been sent out.

Bots can help players reach higher levels at a quick pace, such as one player that hit the level cap by using one. However, the consequences are dire, now that permanent bans may result.

“Our goal is to provide a fair, fun and legitimate game experience for everyone,” writes Niantic on its website. “We will continue to work with all of you to improve the quality of the gameplay, including ongoing optimization and fine tuning of our anti-cheat system.” Niantic also mentions that if you believe you’ve faced a ban unjustly, you can appeal it by using this form.

[Source: Pokémon Go FAQ via Polygon]


Our Take
The usage of bots can disrupt the Pokémon Go experience for others, if a cheating player ends up farming XP with a bot and then taking over a gym. I understand how Niantic would want to approach the situation sternly, and I don’t think players should cheat. However, it should also be noted that higher levels require an unrealistic amount of XP to progress, but perhaps Niantic expects players will stick with the game for a long time. In total, it requires 20 million XP from the first to last level.

Beta Test Niantic Is Permanently Banning Players That Use Bots In Pokémon Go

Hello Games Says Its "Working Hard" To Resolve No Man's Sky PC Issues

After a troublesome launch on PC yesterday that resulted in “mostly negative” reviews on Steam, No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has swiftly acknowledged the problems, stating that they are “working hard” to resolve them. PC players have noted serious problems, from framerate drops on powerful GPUs to frequent crashes.

As of yesterday, Hello Games detailed a post on its Steam page for No Man’s Sky, which notes that the team is aware of the issues. It outlines how players can reach out to the team to report bugs or receive support as quickly as possible. For example, Hello Games has added an update to its support page that cites common issues, and a new auto-response via email which suggests quick fixes.

You can head to the Steam page, or read below, to view the post:

Whilst many people are enjoying No Man’s Sky, we are tracking several issues, and we’re working hard to resolve them as quickly as possible.

1. We have updated our support page with some common issues and workarounds http://www.no-mans-sky.com/2016/08/pc-support/

2. We have updated the auto response from support@hellogames.co.uk to help suggest common fixes, and help gather better info

3. We have filed tickets for everyone who has mailed support and are responding to them in turn.

4. We have gotten back to a lot of people already, who were trying to run the game significantly below min spec.

5. Additionally your bug reports have shown us a handful of key issues we are working to resolve

We’re pulling an all nighter to get through as many issues as soon as possible. Please try to be nice 🙂

We have been working to get back to people on our three most common crashes on start up:

• Running the game with an Intel card. This is not supported

• No Man’s Sky is an OpenGL 4.5 game, and requires latest drivers on most cards, please update

• VC++ Redist 2010 was not included by default. We have updated in a patch, please restart

We are going to create an experimental branch with hot fixes for these most common known issues:

• Shader Cache issue – means that framerate is initially stuttering on some cards. Whilst it resolves itself over time (~1 hour of play), we will fix this issue in a patch.

• SSE 4 – for CPUs that do not support SSE 4, it is causing the game to crash on boot (some of these area technically below min spec, but we don’t want it to crash!)

• Mouse controls jitter on foot – this caused by a combination of certain resolution and GFX card. A fix is in progress.

Some players who have filed a support ticket will begin to be directed towards the experimental branch whilst we test solutions to these issues.

If your issues are not listed above please do mail support@hellogames.co.uk

The latest Twitter update from founder Sean Murray this morning states that the team is still hard at work as they test some fixes for older AMD Phenom CPUs and others.

Although No Man’s Sky has had a shaky PC launch, this version of the game came with some added settings, such as remapping the controls and changing the field of view. The PlayStation 4 launch, in comparison, was smoother as it hit with a day zero patch.

[Source: No Man’s Sky on Steam]


Our Take
I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 4, so I haven’t experienced any of these issues firsthand. However, from crashes to frame rate drops, these are issues that can really largely disrupt the experience. It sounds like the Hello Games team is tackling the issues as quick as they can. 

Beta Test Hello Games Says Its “Working Hard” To Resolve No Man’s Sky PC Issues

The Dota 2 International Grand Finals Are Today

Since June, hundreds of Dota 2 teams have competed at The International, the game’s most prestigious tournament. As of today, only three remain. Tonight, one team will take home over eight million dollars.

This year’s International went from being a foregone conclusion after Europe’s OG dominated the scene for most of the year, to one of the most exciting events in Dota history as champions fell, favorites went home, and one of the game’s greatest matches in the game’s history played out before our eyes.

Today will feature only two matches. Wings Gaming, who thwarted American hope Evil Geniuses in a surprising rout, awaits the winner of the match between American/European combo Digital Chaos or Evil Geniuses. The first match will be a first-to-three, while the final match will be a best-of-five.

The tournament will begin streaming at 10am PST. Match times vary depending on the length and number of matches. You can watch the tournament here.


Our Take
All three teams have great stories behind them. Evil Geniuses must defend its belt and prove the North American Dota scene is still viable. Digital Chaos is seen as a team of leftovers and rejects from other teams. Wings Gaming has proven Chinese Dota is still alive and well after the scene seemed to have floundered in the early part of the year. I’m rooting hardest for Evil Geniuses, but I’m fine with any of the three taking home the Aegis trophy. 

Beta Test The Dota 2 International Grand Finals Are Today

Replay – The Sega Saturn Showcase

This week we’re taking a look at some of the more obscure releases of Sega’s penultimate console, the Sega Saturn.

The Saturn had the misfortune of competing with the PlayStation and later the Nintendo 64 but is renowned for a strange reason. Its marketing pointed to a September 1995 release, but during E3 of that year Sega announced the console was available immediately, effectively cutting the prep-time of Sega’s assorted retail partners by fourt months. It was a move that ultimately doomed it.

The system is considered a commercial failure by most standards, but it is home to a few enduring classics like the Panzer Dragoon series and Nights. Unfortunately, we don’t look at either of those games, and instead grab a bunch of random games that look promising. We start with Enemy Zero (which has a surprising connection to our current Super Replay) before moving on to lesser known Saturn games like Three Dirty Dwarves. Enjoy!

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For more episodes of Replay, check out our Replay hub, or click on the banner below to watch episodes on YouTube.

Beta Test Replay – The Sega Saturn Showcase

Weekend Warrior – Yes Man's Sky

It’s finally here! Our excitement refers to both the weekend and No Man’s Sky, one of the most anticipated games in a long time. Whether you plan to dive into another universe or not, let us know what you are playing over the next few days in the comments below.

Kyle Hilliard (@kylemhilliard) – I have found that the best way to enjoy No Man’s Sky (for me) is to watch my wife play. I get the benefit of seeing interesting stuff and I don’t have to deal with the tedium of mining and rearranging my inventory, so I will probably be doing that this weekend. We’re also still Pokéwalking a lot, so I am sure that will happen. Otherwise it will be a laundry/dishes/yard work kind of weekend with a smattering of video games here and there. Also, eating.

Blake Hester (@metallicaisrad) – At the end of three great months, my time at Game Informer has officially come to an end. In celebration, I will not be playing any games and will instead be finishing up some articles I’m pretty stoked off. I’d like to thank the Buck Boys for sharing this time with me (knuck if u buck 2k16 [it’s a movement {you better recognize}]). I’d also like to thanks Dr. Bobby Reeves for letting me hangout for three months. I will now be quietly replacing Kyle, which no one will notice because we are the same person. I look forward to writing about Pokémans and Nintendo. Bye all!

Suriel Vasquez (@surielvasquez) – I’ll be spending a lot of time transcribing an interview and watching the finals for The International, but I’ll likely be putting more time into the Metroid II fan remake and possibly starting No Man’s Sky on PC.

Javy Gwaltney (@hurdyiv) – I’m going to be eating ALL the tomato bisque while flying around in No Man’s Sky and none of you can stop me.

Leo “Darth” Vader (@leovader) – I was planning on buying No Man’s Sky on PC the second I get home but I’m just now reading that the port is pretty atrocious. But I’m historically a huge idiot so that probably won’t stop me! Gamers 4 life! This is my last weekend warrior! We did it y’all! Interns rule! Knuck if you buck 2016!

Ben Hanson (@yozetty) – This weekend I’m really looking forward to diving into No Man’s Sky on PC. I’ll beat it by Saturday morning. Other than that, there are a bunch of little games I’d love to keep plugging away on like Headlander or I Am Sestuna. Have a good weekend!

AJ Moser (@andmoser)  – This weekend I’m going to play World of Warcraft for the first time in years. Everything I’ve seen about Legion seems really cool and luckily I’ve got friends to show me the ropes. I’m also going to continue grinding through Persona 4 Golden because wow guys – this game is long. When I’m not playing some games, I’ll be re-reading Heir to the Empire to prepare for Thrawn’s return on Star Wars: Rebels. What I’ll miss most about Game Informer is sharing my intimate weekend plans with you all.

Elise Favis (@elisefavis) – I’ll mostly be busy with packing up and getting ready to leave for Gamescom, buuuut, I’m hoping to squeeze in some more No Man’s Sky before I’m off. It’s weird, that game has some tedious mechanics, but I find it absolutely enthralling and addicting at the same time.

Dan Tack (@dantack) –This auspicious weekend is one for gaming. This weekend, I’ll be setting the table and enjoying some Overwatch with a carefully prepared menu of my own design. I’ll be breaking out both the deep fryer and the grill this weekend to put some accents on some classic recipes ready to take gold medals as I move from match to match in Blizzard’s FPS.

I’m planning to start things off with some simple casual recipes. Have you ever made your own potato chips? You should give it a try. Those gross things you pull out of bags have nothing on homemade chips, they’re not even the same species. I’ll be making some truffled potato chips and serving them with a cheese sauce blend, probably using some kind of gouda for a mild taste and some Gruyère to call out the natural flavors. Real potato chips are amazing, and I would highly recommend using them as a side to simple, classic meals.

Okay, so, maybe this is cliché but lately I’ve been on an avocado kick. I can’t get enough of these things, so I’ve been adding them to everything and seeing how things shake out. So I’ll actually be adding them to a steak dish here. Insane? Yes. We’re doing a steak skewer thing here with all kinds of add-ons, I’m thinking actually a southern slaw and steak skewers as a side dish to flesh out the kicker dishes (sides) on the weekend roster.

Beer battered onion rings. If you know me, you know I despise onions – I think they’re overpowering and nasty. But if you do it right, in onion ring form, and add a plucky side sauce like a chipotle-parmesan mix., then you’re in good shape.

Alright moving on, enough with the appetizers. I’m doing a chicken tempura blaster where I’m just going to get wild with it. I’m thinking maybe some spicy mayo, Yuzu-Kosho aioli, hot cucumbers to draw out the natural flavors. I’m aware that chicken tempura is comfort food but it has its place in every rotation if you ask me.

Next I’ll be doing an inspired take on the classic deep dish pizza. I know, I know, deep dish pizza is probably the least creative dish in the history of food, but we’re going to have some fun with it. I’m going to do spicy mac and cheese INSIDE the pizza, so layered in, and top things off with hot salami and dried chili peppers.

It wouldn’t be a weekend without a burger. This weekend’s burger will be consumed in air-conditioned bliss with a cool ginger ale, full of cubed ice. Keeping with my avocado kick, I’m going for something spicy and sassy, with asadero cheese, hot pickle chips, jalapenos, avocado, jalapeno aioli, candied bacon, fried egg, and brisket – all on a garlic butter brushed bun. Whew!

And yes, I think this weekend we’ll do a traditional lobster boil. Not terribly exciting, but there’s something about doing one right with all the accoutrements. We’re talking a crock of drawn butter, coastal slaw, milk bread, sausage, corn on the cob, potatoes, spicy mac and cheese, buttered broccoli, and the works. I never end up being able to eat the whole thing, and that’s kind of the point. It’s been a while since I did seafood, and lobster is always one of my favorites even if it is really just a big sea cockroach.

I wish I had more, but I’ve been too busy with games to whip up any truly inspired dishes. I expect that to change a lot as we move into the winter. My penchant for spicy foods comes back strong once it stops being hot and muggy out. Oh and yeah I might play some Overwatch and World of Warcraft.

Beta Test Weekend Warrior – Yes Man’s Sky

Outcast – Second Contact Revealed For A 2017 Release

Cutter Slade is headed back to Adelpha in a remake of the PC title Outcast. The newly announced Outcast – Second Contact is due for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in March 2017.

The game is being developed by French studio Appeal and published by Big Ben Interactive. Outcast’s plot follows a United States Special Forces operative on a quest to protect a group of scientists on a newly discovered world. Talans, the planet’s native aliens, give Slade a less-than-warm welcome and threaten the future of Earth.

Details are sparse on the game so far, with the first official look due at Gamescom next week. Stay tuned for more info, and check out a few screenshots below.

Beta Test Outcast – Second Contact Revealed For A 2017 Release