InXile Entertainment Switches Its Tune And Is Now Exploring Options On The Switch

If you were worried the Switch doesn’t have enough role-playing games, Nintendo is looking out for you. inXile Entertainment, a developer known for its old-school approach to RPGs like Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera, just got approved to develop for the Switch, according to a tweet from founder Brian Fargo.

The team is now “exploring ideas” on Nintendo’s console, a pretty radical change from the company’s stance earlier this year. In an interview on US Gamer’s podcast, Fargo denied that Tides of Numenera would make it to the Switch. “I like Nintendo, but that’s not going to happen on that machine,” Fargo said. “Plus that’s not the audience. Can you imagine a Nintendo game with a million words?”

Apparently he can. It’s unclear whether this announcement means inXile is developing new games for the console or working to port over games like Tides of Numenera. Some games have found a second life on the Switch and judging by the number of ports coming to the Switch recently, it’s possible Switch owners could find ports for inXile’s recent RPG releases.


Our Take:
With Skyrim coming to Switch later this year and quirky RPGs like Golf Story taking the console by storm, it’s understandable why Fargo and inXile might change their tune.  A rich, detailed world like the one in Tides of Numenera, which is already close to the experience of reading a good book, is one I’d love to sit back and enjoy in bed or on my TV. 

Beta Test InXile Entertainment Switches Its Tune And Is Now Exploring Options On The Switch

You Can Now Transfer Your Minecraft Save From Wii U To Switch

Not a lot of games sold great on the Wii U, but Minecraft is one of the few that did, and Nintendo wants to help those players move their save file over to the Switch version.

Nintendo announced that Wii U-to-Switch save transfer is now available for people with both versions of the game. First, make sure your Wii U is updated and connected to the internet. Then do the same for the Switch, making sure both games are installed.

Once you launch the Wii U version, make sure you’re online, select your save file, and then hit Transfer to Switch. From there, you follow the prompts on your Switch and you should be good to go!

Minecraft came out on the Switch earlier this year, with Microsoft announcing that version’s inclusion in the “Better Together” update. This allows the Switch version to crossplay with all other versions of the game, except for PlayStation 4 and Vita. The Better Together update is live on Xbox One, Mobile, and PC, but will roll out for the Switch later this year.

Beta Test You Can Now Transfer Your Minecraft Save From Wii U To Switch

Everything We Know About Android 21 (So Far) In Dragon Ball FighterZ

Every character shown for Dragon Ball FighterZ to date – even the ones who are not fighters like Bulma – have been familiar characters from the anime and manga. The one exception is Android 21. She is a brand new, original character to the Dragon Ball universe and she is making her debut in FighterZ. We still don’t know a lot about her, but gathered below is everything we do know so far, which should give us plenty of ammunition to theorize about her in the comments.

She is a researcher
After her reveal, Bandai Namco released a small follow-up trailer showing a cutscene featuring 21. In it, she seems like a good guy, and implies that she can help Android 18 who has been injured. She calls herself a researcher in the scene. Separately, FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki used a different term to describe her profession, saying, “And because she herself is a scientist of the Red Ribbon Army, you can guess that she also has a connection with the Androids.”

She is affiliated with the Red Ribbon Army
Which brings us to another element of her character: She is part of, or at least affiliated with, the Red Ribbon army. Bandai Namco has made no attempt to hide this fact with the logo appearing on her lab coat and the device she is holding in her reveal trailer, and she herself also says she was a researcher employed by the Red Ribbon army.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Red Ribbon army served as an antagonist for Goku in the original Dragon Ball, and later re-appeared in Dragon Ball Z as the organization behind the Androids and Cell. After Goku defeated them in Dragon Ball, their numbers dwindled significantly, and Dr. Gero, the inventor of the Androids, was one of the few remaining members. Hiroki was vague about the relationship, but told us that Android 21 has ties to Dr. Gero and is very smart. Hiroki hinted she may even be smarter than Dr. Gero.

She was designed by Akira Toriyama*
This fact is a little tricky, but it might all boil down to a matter of semantics. While visiting Bandai Namco and Arc System Works for our cover story, both the game’s publisher and developer were explicit in saying that Akira Toriyama designed Android 21. However, a recent trailer used the wording, “Original character supervised by Akira Toriyama,” which implies that while maybe he didn’t draw her, he has undoubtedly been involved in her visual direction.

We know what she will sound like
21’s voice is not a mystery. Her Japanese voice was showcased in recent trailers, but we recently also learned who will provide her English voice. While speaking with Christopher R. Sabat, the voice of Vegeta, Yamcha, and about a dozen other anime characters, we learned that Jeannie Tirado will be voicing Android 21, a fact she later confirmed on twitter.

Tirado has worked on a handful of anime and has the vague “additional voices” credit on shows like Dragon Ball Z Kai and Attack on Titan, but her most notable role is likely that of Koala from the recent movie One Piece Film: Gold.

She has mysterious ties to Android 16
Between the Red Ribbon army, the name Android 21, and Hiroki’s comments, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Android 21 has something to do with the Androids of the appropriately titled Android Saga. A teased relationship you may have overlooked, however, are ties to Android 16 specifically. Nearly every time she has been shown, Android 16 has been nearby. You can see him in the image above, as well as in the image at the top of this page, but you can also see him with his back to 21 in the fourth image on this story.

Many have pointed out a similarity in hair color theorizing the two may have familial ties to one another, which is certainly a valid theory. However, the colors are not exact, and Android 16 is entirely mechanical, unlike his “siblings” Android 17 and 18 who were humans at one point until Dr. Gero turned them into Cyborgs.

What do you think of Android 21? Who is she? And how will she play into the game’s story? Share your ideas and theories in the comments below.

For more from our month of Dragon Ball coverage, including new details for FighterZ, click the banner below.

Beta Test Everything We Know About Android 21 (So Far) In Dragon Ball FighterZ

NISA President Says Microsoft Is Not Very Supportive Of Japanese Games

The president of Nippon Ichi America, Takuro Yamashita, told MCV that he does not believe Microsoft is very supportive of Japanese games in a candid interview with the outlet.

The actual reasoning gets into a little bit of minutiae, as Yamashita’s reasoning has more to do with Microsoft’s requirements for publishing on the Xbox. He explains that Microsoft requires a minimum order for publishing on their systems. For niche games, like the kind Nippon Ichi specializes in, the minimum is way above what they expect to sell.

Nihon Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo also agreed, but explained that the Xbox’s mindshare, or lack thereof, in Japan is the largest determining factor for their decision not to support the system.

Microsoft’s relationship with Japan and Japanese developers has always been a strange one. The original Xbox failed to make much of a dent in the Japanese market, as the PlayStation 2 was the undisputed market leader and whatever scraps remained in the market were taken up by the Gameboy Advance and to some extent the Gamecube. Microsoft made a stronger attempt with the Xbox 360 by courting developers and paying for major JRPGs like Tales of Vesperia, Blue Dragon, and Lost Odyssey. It is strange to think about now, but there was a time where the idea of Devil May Cry or a new Final Fantasy on the Xbox was considered unfathomable.

This also did not do much and the Xbox 360 was barely a blip on the radar in Japan once again. This lead to confusing marketing strategies from Microsoft’s Japan team, including partnering with Japanese pornography actresses to position games like Gears of War and Dead Rising alongside pornographic films as things only for adults.

The chicken-and-egg scenario of how and why Japan did not care about the Xbox brand lead Microsoft to simply give up on the region with the Xbox One. The system launch treated Japan as a Tier 2 region, which made a lot of business sense but also made for bad optics to Japanese developers, and Microsoft stopped making deals with Japanese developers and publishers. After the high-profile cancellation of Scalebound, and Microsoft’s seeming blitheness about it, a lot of trust in Microsoft has eroded from both developers and fans of Japanese games.

Fans particularly took notice this year when many high-profile Japanese PS4 games were exclusive to that console but didn’t show any sign of even entertaining Xbox One versions. Games like Yakuza, Persona, Nier, and Ni-Oh completely skipped the Xbox One, despite some of them having PC versions released or announced.

Xbox head Phil Spencer recently tweeted about going to Japan to meet with partners, indicating an intention to take the region’s games seriously. It remains to be seen how Microsoft will work with Japanese publishers in the future, but smaller ones appear to need more proof of support and enthusiasm before getting on board.

[Source: MCVUK]

Beta Test NISA President Says Microsoft Is Not Very Supportive Of Japanese Games

Update: Valve Reveals More Details For Its Team Fortress 2 Jungle-Themed Update

Update: Valve has updated its rollout with info on War Paint, essentially shaders for your weapons and gear, as well as other cosmetics you can read about here.

Team Fortress 2 just hit the big 10 last week and Valve is celebrating with a large update finds our team of rogues, murderers, and ne’er-do-wells in a jungle occupied with…well, something. You can watch the entertaining reveal for the update right here and find out for yourself here:

(Please visit the site to view this media)

The pack includes an official map by Valve, some community maps, and [redacted]-focused emotes so far. Valve will be revealing more of what’s in the update in the days to come, as the company is rolling out details over the next five days. No release date has been given for the pack yet.

You can keep an eye on the information being dropped about the update here.

Beta Test Update: Valve Reveals More Details For Its Team Fortress 2 Jungle-Themed Update

New ARMS Update Adds Replays, Badges, And A Secret Boss

The newest ARMS update is live and, while it does not have any new playable characters like the last update, it does add a boss fight that hearkens back to the days of discovering Akuma in Street Fighter.

The version 3.2 update video from the Nintendo World Championships last week teased a metallic Springman-like character, but didn’t give many more details beyond that. Fan speculation ranged from the character being a Springman skin to a new mode which makes all the characters into robot versions of themselves, but the truth seems to be somewhere in the middle.

No official notes have been released on how to access the character now known as Springtron, but players were quick to figure it out after the patch went live early this morning. To fight Springtron, players must go through the game’s Grand Prix mode without losing, though there is disagreement on whether you can lose a round and still gain access to the robot nemesis. Right before you fight the game’s final boss, Max Brass, Springtron will challenge the player to a new fight. The new and difficult penultimate boss can disable your fighter’s arms temporarily with a huge shockwave, making you helpless if you get caught in it.

At the moment, there is no way to play as Springtron and he has no unique stage or music, indicating that he is likely not intended to be playable.

The update also includes Badges, essentially an achievement system that marks milestones like winning Grand Prix for the first time. Additionally, savable replays have been added to the game, but the replays are tied to the game’s current balance. That means, much like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, updating the game makes the replay unusable.

Finally, the update has a number of technical fighting patch notes, including speed buffs for most of the characters. The full patch notes can be found here.

Beta Test New ARMS Update Adds Replays, Badges, And A Secret Boss

Hori Unveils Officially Licensed Mini PS4 Controller Aimed At "Younger Gamers"

Today, Hori, maker of video game accessories, unveiled its latest: a miniature wired controller meant for younger players. According to Hori, the Mini Wired Gamepad is 40 percent smaller than the DualShock 4.

Hori notes the controller will lack several of the DualShock 4’s capabilities, including in-controller speakers and the light bard. The Mini Wired Gamepad will be launch this holiday and will cost $30.

For more info on the controller, you can check out the reveal post here.


Our Take
At Game Informer, we’re always excited for features and devices that offer more accessibility to players, so this controller sounds pretty great.

Beta Test Hori Unveils Officially Licensed Mini PS4 Controller Aimed At “Younger Gamers”

Star Ocean 4K and Full HD Remaster Launches Worldwide This November

Edge Maverick and the gang make their debut on current gen consoles later this month, according to a new announcement by Square Enix.

Priced at $20.99 on PlayStation Plus and Steam, the 4K remaster of the fourth game in the Star Ocean series is set to release simultaneously in the Americas, Europe and Japan on November 28. Those who preorder on PlayStation Plus will receive an exclusive PlayStation theme and 12 avatars, while those who preorder through Steam will get an exclusive downloadable mini soundtrack. Those who purchase the game before December 12 on either platform can get the game with a discount of 10 percent. The release also marks the first time the game has come to PC, with full keyboard support during gameplay.

Developed by tri-Ace, the game originally released February 29, 2009 on Xbox 360 and February 9, 2010 on PlayStation 3. Set before any other entry in the series, players guide Edge Maverick and his friends as they make their way across the galaxy in search of a new home for humanity. Fast paced combat, friendship building and corny dialogue ensue.

Players can dive back into the interstellar adventure when it releases on PlayStation 4 and PC next month.

[Source: Gematsu]


Our Take
Star Ocean: The Last Hope was a solid title with a fun combat system. If tri-Ace has polished the systems to match the new graphical fidelity, it could be a fun return to the game’s world.

Beta Test Star Ocean 4K and Full HD Remaster Launches Worldwide This November

Rumor: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Hugh Jackman Being Considered For Detective Pikachu Movie

Last year, Legendary Films revealed that it was fast-tracking an adaptation of Detective Pikachu into production. If the rumor mill is to be believed, it appears that movie might finally be starting to come together, with a couple of surprising names being attached to the project.

YouTube channel The Hashtag Show says it has received word of the names that the creative talent behind the film has been considering. Among the names listed are Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson, Zach Galifianakis, and even Mark Wahlberg. It’s worth nothing that the show doesn’t provide any support or evidence for this list of names, so take this all with a grain of salt. Still, it’s fun to imagine The Rock himself voicing Pikachu, no?

For more on Pokémon, be sure to check out Andrew Reiner’s recent opinion piece on how he hopes the series changes for Switch.

[Source: The Hashtag Show]

Beta Test Rumor: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hugh Jackman Being Considered For Detective Pikachu Movie

Monument Valley 2 Comes To Android In November

Need a break from all the massive open worlds and competitive shooters? Developer ustwogames announced that Monument Valley 2, the short but sweet M.C. Escher-esque puzzle game, comes to Android on November 6. This mindbending puzzle game has been out on iOS for a few months, but this is the perfect chance for Android owners to enjoy Monument Valley 2’s peaceful soundtrack, inspired puzzles, and beautiful art design.

For our full thoughts on how this quirky puzzler panned out, click here.

Beta Test Monument Valley 2 Comes To Android In November