An Exclusive Roundtable With Destiny: Rise Of Iron's Story Team

Visiting Bungie for our cover stories on the original Destiny and Destiny: The Taken King, there’s always been one aspect of Bungie’s universe that has eluded the spotlight: The writing team. This time, with our cover story on Destiny: Rise of Iron, we finally got the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the key figures responsible for continuing the story of Destiny.

Game Informer’s senior previews editor (and Destiny lore fanatic) Matt Miller is honored to sit down with lead writer Chris Schlerf, senior writer Christine Thompson, writer Jill Scharr, and cinematic lead Matthew Ward to talk about the evolution of characters and storytelling in Destiny. The video discussion starts out on broader topics including the challenges of writing the Grimoire and adding humor to the game, but continues on into an intricate discussion covering the history of the Iron Lords, the importance of flavor text for equipment, and the potential future of key Destiny characters, including some choice tidbits about the mysterious Efrideet. Also, we should note, in the video the team occasionally refers to Destiny: Rise of Iron by its internal Bungie name “DLC 3”.

Watch the video discussion below to learn from the team what it takes to write Destiny: Rise of Iron, how they think the game compares to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the ways they’re inspired by Arthurian legend, and whether Cayde is ever going to get out of the Tower.

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Beta Test An Exclusive Roundtable With Destiny: Rise Of Iron’s Story Team

No Man’s Sky Is Having Trouble Lifting Off On PC

You know something’s wrong when one hour after a highly anticipated game launches its Steam reviews peg it in the “mostly negative” category. Hello Games’ challenging week continues, with the No Man’s Sky PC launch having some serious issues right off the bat.

The Steam user reviews cite framerate problems on powerful GPUs, including Nvidia GTX 980. For many (including us for the first few tries), the program doesn’t open. For others, it crashes after mere minutes. As of publication, only 29 percent of the 3,279 reviews are positive.

Still other users reporting stuttering, audio problems, and general optimization issues. A user going by the name “Dr. Dangledick” says, “You’re severely wrong about the minimum system requirements, replace them with this: Minimum – A computer made by Jesus Christ himself, but it’ll still struggle to hit 20 fps.”

We can confirm a number of problems on a computer sporting an i7-6700, GTX 980Ti, and 16GB RAM. Stuttering occurs regularly, key binds do not work for flight controls, and framerate is unreliable, even with recommended specifications. 

We’ve reached out to Hello Games for comment. Right now, the only guidance we have is from founder Sean Murray’s Twitter account:

Even after updating our graphics drivers, things weren’t ideal. Stuttering still occurs (though a bit less frequently), with framerates dropping to as low as 10-15. The keybinding issue makes the game exceedingly hard to play with a control pad once you get off the first planet.

We’ll continue to monitor and update.

[Source: Steam]


Our Take
The PlayStation 4 launch was relatively smooth, even with complaints about framerate and field of view. The PC launch is hard to play right now. You could tough it out, but the optimization and performance issues are severe. Hopefully this gets fixed fast.

Beta Test No Man’s Sky Is Having Trouble Lifting Off On PC

Nintendo Shares A Fly-By Look At The Temple Of Time In Breath Of The Wild

For fans who didn’t make it out to E3 this year, Nintendo has shared a new piece of information regarding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A very short video teaser released on Facebook shows off a ruined Temple of Time running in the game’s engine.

Those who were lucky enough to get hands-on time with the hotly-anticipated game at E3 could have visited the famous Zelda landmark if they chose to. The caption with this video asks, “Does this seem familiar?”, playing up the changes that that are coming to Breath of the Wild. Check it our for yourself below.

For more on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, revisit our hands-on impressions and interview with Eiji Aonouma.

[Source: Facebook]


Our Take
While this admittedly isn’t the most exciting piece of information, it is always cool to get little updates on the next Zelda title. The game is coming to NX, which all speculation says will be unveiled in September. Here’s hoping we get a new trailer or maybe a release date for Breath of the Wild to tie in to the console’s announcement.

Beta Test Nintendo Shares A Fly-By Look At The Temple Of Time In Breath Of The Wild

Get Double The Money and Reputation Points In Grand Theft Auto Online This Week

Starting today until August 18, three adversary modes (entourage, extraction, and hunting pack) in Grand Theft Auto Online will pay double their normal outcome of money and reputation points.

To collect these rewards, look for the playlist button featuring the three adversary modes. Or, if already in the game, look for the adversary mode in Los Santos which was added with the Cunning Stunts update. Double reputation points will also be awarded this week to VIPs and CEOs in all VIP Work and Challenges.

Furthermore, this week all executive offices and assistant services are half off, The Pegassi Reaper is 25 percent off, and the Nagasaki Buzzard is 50 percent off. Lastly, a new stunt race, called “Vespucci” has been added to the game, which will award first place finishers with $100,000 in in-game money.

For more on Grand Theft Auto V, make sure to read our review from when it came to current-gen consoles. 

Beta Test Get Double The Money and Reputation Points In Grand Theft Auto Online This Week

PC No Man’s Sky Players Can Remap Controls And Change Field-Of-View

No Man’s Sky is launching today on PC after a brief bump at the last minute. When it arrives at 1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific today, it will bring a host of customization options not found on PlayStation 4.

Two of the main complaints will be addressed right off the bat. First, the field-of-view is now customizable. If you’ve felt a bit tiny on No Man’s Sky’s large planets, expanding the FOV should help.

Additionally, if you decide to play with a controller, you’ll be able to swap L3 and R3. That means you can move sprint off the right thumbstick and back on the left where it belongs.

You’ll also be able to drop the HUD out entirely. This should make for some stunning pictures like one provided by Nvidia above.

[Source: Nvidia]


Our Take
Hopefully some of these things make their way to the PS4 version. The FOV adjustments and user-defined button mapping would be greatly appreciated.

Beta Test PC No Man’s Sky Players Can Remap Controls And Change Field-Of-View

Test Chamber – Taking On World of Warcraft's Broken Shore

The upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Legion hits later this month on August 30, but Blizzard is already setting the table to get things ready for all the Demon Hunting action.

Players can currently participate in a variety of pre-Legion events, one of which is the story-centric scenario that takes players to the Broken Shore.

Join Daniel Tack and Andy McNamara as they discover what looks like one of the game’s best story setups. Be warned, there are tons of spoilers in this Test Chamber!

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Beta Test Test Chamber – Taking On World of Warcraft’s Broken Shore

Florence + The Machine Releases Three Final Fantasy XV Songs

We’re under two months away from Final Fantasy XV’s release. To get you in the mood, Square Enix has announced three songs from the game are available now.

All three were recorded by Grammy-nominated Florence + The Machine. The songs include:

  • “Too Much is Never Enough”
  • “I Will Be”
  • “Stand by Me”

The latter is a new recording of Ben E. King’s original. It was debuted at the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event in March.

You can download the three songs via iTunes.

Beta Test Florence + The Machine Releases Three Final Fantasy XV Songs

PSA: Say Farewell To Project Spark Today

Project Spark, Microsoft’s game creation suite, says goodbye today. The game is being fully “sunset” and online services are being shut down and all user-generated content will be unretrievable.

Thankfully, no layoffs have resulted from the game’s closure. The game left active development last fall, and many of the people on the team were transitioned to other projects.

If you happened to purchase the digital starter kit or a retail copy between October 5, 2015, and May 12, 2016, you will receive credit on the Microsoft Store. For more on Project Spark, you can read our review and how the game gave Rare’s Conker another chance.

Beta Test PSA: Say Farewell To Project Spark Today

Spotify Unveils Dedicated Gaming Section With Soundtracks And Curated Playlists

Spotify has had a direct connection to gaming since March 2015 when the service launched on PlayStation 4. Today, the music streaming service has kicked off a new segment dedicated to gamers.

Spotify Gaming is a separate section on the website and app that features curated playlists, soundtracks, and contributed song lists from notable personalities in the gaming world. If you’re using the app, just select “browse” and scroll down to the genre section.

The company plans to continue to update with more soundtracks and curated playlists. It’s available starting today.

Beta Test Spotify Unveils Dedicated Gaming Section With Soundtracks And Curated Playlists

Ubisoft Will Fart In South Park Fans’ Faces At Gamescom

South Park has often riffed on real world fads with fictional products. The latest brings together South Park: The Fractured But Whole with an Oculus Rift spoof.

The Nosulus Rift is a sensory experience like no other. In the game, the player character (the New Kid) has the power of godlike flatulence. 

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With the Nosulus Rift, you’ll be able to sniff that power for yourself. Ubisoft says it will be offering the experience for the first time at Gamescom. 

For the rest of us looking for an experience with less of a bouquet, South Park: The Fractured But Whole will be out on December 6. It’ll be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

For more, check out our coverage from E3 2016.

Beta Test Ubisoft Will Fart In South Park Fans’ Faces At Gamescom