New GTA Online Racing Mode Kicks Off Season Of New Content

Rockstar Games has started the GTA Online: Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series, a season of new content featuring two new racing modes, Adversary modes, five cars, and more.

Hotring Circuit is styled after stock car racing, with 10 races among 30 competitors on the Hotring Sabre track, and it’s available now.

On April 3rd, Target Assault mode drops, and it’s a race made up of eight teams of two players each. Gunners hit targets for points while drivers jockey for position over multiple laps.

Later on in the spring on May 1st 10 new Special Vehicle Races hit, followed by seven Transform Races on May 29th.

Finally, Rockstar says there will be two new Adversary modes, five new vehicles, updates/tools for the Creator, discounts, and more in the future.

[Source: Rockstar Games] 

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