Monster Hunter World Autumn Festival Begins Later This Month

Capcom has revealed a start date for Monster Hunter World’s Autumn festival as well as detailed a little of what we can expect from what is either the last or second-to-last festival of the calendar year.

The Autumn festival will start on September 21, so two weeks from now, and run through October 4, so two weeks after that. During that time, Astera will be filled with Autumn colors and include a special new gothic lolita costume for your handler.  There will also be a pumpkin outfit for your poogie added during the festival.

As with all Monster Hunter World festivals, all previous time-limited quests will be back for those two weeks. This really only accounts for the console versions, though, as the PC version sticks to its different schedule. So if you’re feeling the Dante hype from Devil May Cry 5 trailers, you can get that red jacket and white wig now.

Monster Hunter World is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Beta Test Monster Hunter World Autumn Festival Begins Later This Month

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