Luke Cage Defends Harlem In First Bone-Crunching Trailer

Netflix’s Marvel train keeps on chugging. With two successful season of Daredevil under its belt, a killer inaugural run for Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist on the way, it’s almost time for Luke Cage to hit the streets.

In the first full trailer, we get a sense of Luke’s world and the threats to his neighborhood. Like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, this series won’t focus on the grand scale battles of the silver screen Marvel films. 

These tales are more personal, focused on how powered individuals try to live normal lives. Plus, there’s a sweet reference to Luke Cage’s old Power Man costume.

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Luke Cage will be out on September 30 on Netflix. As always, you’ll be able to binge it right away, with the season becoming available all at once.

For more, check out the Iron Fist and Defenders teasers from San Diego Comic-Con.

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