Listen To The Original Metroid's Soundtrack Recreated With Analog Synths

Retro covers of classic game soundtracks are nothing new. Often, however, they remake the game’s sound in their own image, whether it’s a rock version of the Super Mario Bros. theme or fusing hip-hop and The Ocarina of Time.

These can be great additions to your music library, but rather than put their own spin on Metroid’s soundtrack, Youtube user Luminist has instead replaced its chiptune beats with analog synths from a Korg MS20 Mini, making it sound more like a “remaster” of each song than a cover. The soundtrack is a joy to listen to, and sounds like something from a lost ’80s John Carpenter flick. You can listen to the full Youtube playlist below.

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[Source: NeoGAF]

Beta Test Listen To The Original Metroid’s Soundtrack Recreated With Analog Synths

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