League of Legends Pro Blames "Sensual Pleasures" For Poor Game Performance

Compete reports on the case of Li ‘Vaisili’ Wei Jun, a professional player that has made $27,563 in League of Legends in his career, has recently had a downturn in his performance. That happens to professionals in all sports, usually they just talk about motivation and wanting it more and move on.

When asked about being moved to the bench in week six of the simply named League of Legends Pro League, Vaisili blamed a preoccupation with “sensual pleasures.” He added that he is adjusting to his new abstinent lifestyle.

This is also not unusual in sports, though the science does not necessarily back it up. Hopefully it works out for Vaisili in the long run, however, and he can get back to fighting strength.

[Source: Compete]

Beta Test League of Legends Pro Blames “Sensual Pleasures” For Poor Game Performance

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