Klei Entertainment's Shank 2 Joins Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

The side-scrolling, bloody platformer Shank 2 will now be playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility. This action-packed title from Klei Entertainment released back in 2012, following the original which came out two years earlier.

Several Xbox 360 titles have been shifting over to Xbox One via backwards compatibility, such as the recent addition of the JRPG Blue Dragon. Back in May, multi-disk support was added to backwards compatibility with the addition of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

You can check out the growing list of Xbox One backwards compatible titles, which now includes over 200 games, on Major Nelson’s blog. Read our review of Shank 2 here.


Our Take
Microsoft has been steadily adding more and more titles through backwards compatibility, which is great, though I’m personally I’m still patiently waiting for Mass Effect 2 and 3 to join this list. 

Beta Test Klei Entertainment’s Shank 2 Joins Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

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