HTC Introduces Standalone VR Headset The Vive Focus

HTC has announced the Vive Focus, a standalone VR headset that does not require an accompanying PC or phone – an evolution from the current room-scale Vive headset.

The company says the Focus will initially only be available in China, but did not say when or for how much. In August, HTC dropped the price of the regular Vive headset to $599.

In related news, HTC has also announced it will no longer be working with Google on the standalone Daydream headset.


Our Take 
The regular Vive’s room-scale tech is a distinguishing point for that headset, even if it also makes it more expensive (and harder to set up in your abode) than the Oculus Rift. As more VR companies release standalone headsets like these, I wonder if there will be less and less differentiation between them. Then again, with more companies in the mix at cheaper prices, hopefully adoption rates and software availability increase to help boost the medium for everyone. 

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