Here's Destiny 2: Forsaken's PS4-Exclusive Content

Bungie have announced PS4’s exclusive content for Destiny 2: Forsaken when the game hits the console on September 4.

Strike: Broodhold

The strike involves a crashed Hive Tombship in the Tangled Shore whose brood queen has two forms she alternates between – physical and shadow form – the latter of which can poison players.

Exotic Weapon: Wavesplitter

The Wavesplitter has three power levels while you hold the trigger down, and an Orb of Light triggers its maximum power level, which is available for a short time.

Warlock (Thorium Holt), Titan (Mimetic Savior), and Hunter (Red Moon Phantom) Armor Sets


Great Beyond

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[Source: Official PlayStation Blog]

Beta Test Here’s Destiny 2: Forsaken’s PS4-Exclusive Content

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