Her Story Creator Returns With WarGames Interactive Series

Her Story creator Sam Barlow has announced that he’s partnering with media company Eko for an interactive series loosely based on the 1983 movie WarGames starring Matthew Broderick.

In the ’80s movie, Broderick and Ally Sheedy start the countdown to thermonuclear war after Broderick thinks he’s playing an innocent game with NORAD’s war computer. Barlow’s take on the movie is updated to reflect our modern technology-dependent world, hacktivism, and the teaser video below vaguely references trouble in a North African Republic.

Eko currently hosts Choose Your Adventure-style interactive episodes on its website and mobile app. Details are scarce at the moment (the episodes start in 2018), but WarGames will be available on a “range of partner platforms,” according to the series’ press release, as well as Eko’s current channels.

Barlow is also working on his follow up to Her Story called Telling Lies.

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Our Take 
Her Story had more depth than a simple point-and-click story, and I’m glad that Barlow has already tweeted that WarGames should as well. As for the original movie upon which this is based, Broderick and Sheedy had a charming innocence that probably isn’t applicable these days.

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