God Of War Sells Over Five Million Copies

The newest God of War has sold over five million copies, according to Sony, making it the fastest selling PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The news comes from Sony’s Investor’s Relations Day report, where the company is more than happy to tell its stockholders how well they are doing. The new PlayStation chief John Kodera, who you might remember for recently commenting on the state of portable gaming at Sony, announced the figure.

Five million copies in a month is a fast-selling number, but even in absolute terms it puts the game in the top twenty selling PlayStation 4 titles period. Even if it stopped selling today it would be a massive success.

[Source: Sony IR Day Report]


Our Take
Considering the massive investment Sony must have made in the game, I am sure they’re more than happy with its performance thus far. It was not too long ago where publishers were scared of producing single player games and feared their inevitable death, but the market is seemingly eager for them.

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