Funny To A Point – New Year's Resolutions For The Gaming Industry

2016 has come and gone,
which means setting aside old grudges and looking to the future. For many, that
means coming up with a New Year’s resolution, a personal pledge to guide them
toward a healthier and happier life throughout the year (or until they come up
with a good excuse to blow it off after the first week of January).

I’m something of a master at coming up with New Year’s
resolutions – so much so that I don’t stop with myself! This year I decided to
lend my expertise to the gaming industry, by writing out resolutions
custom-tailored to the biggest developers and publishers. So happy holidays,
and you’re welcome!

On an actually serious note, thanks to everyone who read, shared, and commented on this completely ridiculous column this year. See you in 2017!

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