Fans Visualize The Last Guardian's Full Map In One Large Annotated Image

The Last Guardian’s continuous adventure does a good job lending a sense of scale to the large architecture of its world. It does not, however, offer a good full look at its playable area. That’s where Reddit users CandykillerArt and LYRAA3 come in.

CandykillerArt pieced together The Last Guardian’s tower to the best of their ability, and then LYRAA3 annotated the map to showcase exactly where key moments in the game occurred. Since that map offers some spoilers, you can find it here, behind the hyperlink. It’s reminiscent of seeing the full stages of classic platformer levels laid out in large images like you would see in a strategy guide. It’s interesting to see the game’s full adventure in one image, giving you a better sense of exactly what Trico and the boy went through during the course of the game.

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[Souce: Reddit, (1), via Siliconera]

Beta Test Fans Visualize The Last Guardian’s Full Map In One Large Annotated Image

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