Epic Games Releases All Paragon Assets For Free

The untimely demise of MOBAs like Gigantic and Paragon are telltale signs of how unpredictable video game industry trends can be. In regard to the latter, Epic Games went a step further by refunding PC and PS4 players who had purchased the game and any DLC released for it. With the runaway success of Fortnite at its back, the developer has gone a step beyond by releasing all of Paragon’s assets for use in Unreal Engine 4 for free, which come around to $12 million in total development costs.

There are 20 characters and 1,500 environmental components to experiment with at anyone’s leisure. Animation cycles, sound effects, and skins are even being retained. You can peruse the current list of assets by clicking here, which is expected to expand over time with additional characters this summer.

[Source: Epic Games via Kotaku]


Our Take
Epic Games continually surprises with its generous actions through Paragon’s end. I have no doubt that this will give many aspiring game developers incredible insight into what goes into the intricate 3D modeling and animation of the developer’s work.

Beta Test Epic Games Releases All Paragon Assets For Free

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