Drink To Your Heart's Content In Gwent's New Draft-Based Mode

CD Projekt Red has announced via a recent Twitch livestream that its card-based game, Gwent, will grant players the opportunity to face off against Gaunter O’Dimm, The Man of Glass in a fresh Arena mode. While entering into a match with the intimidating opponent will cost 150 ore ($1.99) each time, players are guaranteed to receive a Keg by the end regardless of whether they complete nine contracts or exhaust all three of their lives during the run. A Keg contains five cards, four of which are randomized and the last being rare or better. Should you make it further in the run, you have a chance to gain a random legendary card. The mode is still in development and is subject to change, so a release date has not been unveiled.

In addition, a new faction challenge will be running until February 20 at 11 am EST. You can choose between the Skellige and Scoia-tael groups and play on either’s behalf to earn faction-specific rewards, which you can read more about by clicking here.

[Source: PC Gamer via IGN]


Our Take
Much like Hearthstone, I love seeing what seems to be strong developer support behind keeping spin-off titles like these going. This is a mode that frequent players have been requesting since its beta release last year, so it goes to show that fan feedback can pay off.

Beta Test Drink To Your Heart’s Content In Gwent’s New Draft-Based Mode

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