Dragon Ball FighterZ's Switch Open Beta Begins Next Week

Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch is getting an open beta, and it starts next week. Starting today, you can go ahead and download to beta to have it loaded and ready to go for August 9. Below are the important fates and times you will need to know if you want to participate.

August 3rd: Release the Open Beta on the eShop for pre-load only (players will be able to begin downloading the Open Beta client on this day).

August 9th (9:00pm PDT): Official release of the Open Beta on the Nintendo eShop and start of the Open Beta session (all players can now launch the game and have access to the online game servers).

August 11th (11:59pm PDT): The Open Beta period ends.

We’re fans of Dragon Ball FighterZ around these parts as we featured it on our cover and gave it 9.25 when it released on our review. The Switch version seems technically comparable to those two, but it looks we will be able to test it first-hand on August 9.

Dragon Ball FighterZ arrives on Switch September 28.

Beta Test Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Switch Open Beta Begins Next Week

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