Cyberpunk Indie Horror Game Observer Coming To Switch

Observer was a great little adventure game with a lot of Cyberpunk cool oozing out of it and more than a hint of horror peeking through. It got a pretty strong recommendation from Game Informer‘s own Javy Gwaltney, and I can vouch for it, too; while some of the stealth segments didn’t come out too well, it’s a solid trek through a very thoroughly detailed world. It’s worth playing especially if seeing the recent demo of Cyberpunk 2077 has you pining for more of that aesthetic. And, if you’re the kind of person who now adamantly refuses to play games until they’re ported to Switch, you’re out of excuses.

Developer Bloober Team is bringing Observer to Switch. Though the announcement trailer doesn’t offer a release date (listing it only as “coming soon”), it’s still worth watching if you’re still on the fence about the game.


Beta Test Cyberpunk Indie Horror Game Observer Coming To Switch

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