CD Projekt Talks Microtransactions, Multiplayer, And More In Cyberpunk 2077

At a financial presentation for 2017 results, CD Projekt Red talked a little about Cyberpunk 2077, including the possibility of multiplayer coming after launch.

During the event, the studio mentioned that the game utilizes a class-based character structure, will not have microtransactions, and that while the game was focused on single-player, president and joint CEO Adam Kiciński said that “further extensions of the game” like multiplayer could be added later. “…We already said in the past that in the past that we wanted our future projects to integrate online components at some point in the future.” When asked about a battle royale mode for the game, Kiciński said that everything was being considered.

In terms of platforms, a question from the presentation’s Q&A portion mentioned previous statements from the company that Cyberpunk 2077 would span multiple platform generations. Kiciński said that while the next-generation of home consoles hasn’t been announced yet, the game is “very advanced” and that it’s “ready to interface with future generations.” A question also was asked about the Switch, but Kiciński said that nothing was planned.

An announcement about the game is expected before E3.

[Source: CD Projekt Red] 


Our Take 
The studio has already announced a commitment to multiplayer for the game, but if that doesn’t come until after release so that the studio can focus on its core philosophy – single-player – then that’s fine with us.

Beta Test CD Projekt Talks Microtransactions, Multiplayer, And More In Cyberpunk 2077

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