Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (January 5, 2017)

It’s been a long,
cold two weeks in Minnesota, but we’re back, refreshed, and better than ever.
It’s a new year of Blog Herding, so get reading!

Community Blogs For
December 22 – January 4:

You Should Play The Last Guardian

Writer Zack Burrows calls sitting down to blog about this game a “surreal
experience.” But now that the game has finally come out, “there’s nothing like”
it. Granted, that’s not true when the game is having its issues.

DLC is Great for Games

DLC is hit or miss – and also divisive – but SWAD42 is here to sing its
praise. I like DLC when it’s good and actually gives me more of something I enjoy, but
all too often games just try to make an extra buck. Star Wars Battlefront
didn’t feel complete and worth the price of admission until its DLC came out.
If I had paid full price for the base game, I would have been mighty surly.

The Most Annoying Characters of 2016
Not all characters are created equally. These are
the bunch that Attackcobra really didn’t enjoy. I don’t remember some of them,
and I even played the games they are from, so our blogger must be onto

Why Owning Multiple Consoles is a Terrible Habit.
(An Epic Short Story)

Boo writes us a short story on the perils of
owning multiple consoles. While I don’t like all the space they take up, I do enjoy
playing all of the exclusives. Though nowadays I don’t have every console.

Top 10 Board Games I’ve Played in 2016 – Part 2
In a change of pace, whovian223 takes us into the
world of physical games. The last time I played tabletop games was about three
years ago with Game Informer Previews Editor Matt Miller, and it was a blast.
Unfortunately, it’s hard to find the time and players nowadays! But some of
these sound great. Part one is here.

Memories That Remain: So Long 2016.
GerardoExber is a prolific blogger from our
community. Here he chronicles the year he had in blogging. In the future,
Gerardo would like to work in the gaming industry. Good luck, Gerardo, and
thank you for all of the blogs over the year!

Final Fantasy XV and Breaking the Male Code
The latest Final Fantasy has been well received,
and MightyMagikarp is here to write about one of its obvious features: the men
who are the main characters. He gives us a good look at how well it does depicting
these men and their friendship.

My Favorite Gaming Moments of 2016
Refle takes time to reflect on his favorite gaming moments of the past year.
The games aren’t all from this past year, making it fun to read about what our
blogger got to play and how he responded. The latest Uncharted would make up my
entire list.

Does it Hold Up??? Backyard Baseball 2003
The amount of question marks in General Mills44’s
headline accurately sums up my brain when I saw this. But you know what? Let’s
go there. I remember this game quite a bit, for better or worse, thanks to
younger family members and visits to a household with only this and a couple
other games available.

Everything Wrong with Overwatch
StarterPack may be poking sleeping bears with this post, but his points sound
valid. No matter how much you love a game, someone else would like to see some
improvements made.

Community Writing

Okay, so I’m
borrowing this from the Overblood Facebook group. What real-world skill or
skills have you learned through video games? For me, I learned how to do a
proper step-over in soccer thanks to slow-motion replays in the Winning
Eleven/Pro Evolution series, and it remains one of my best soccer moves to this
day. What about you?

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge: What Video Game Character Would Make the Worst Politician?

Haley Shipley makes some absolutely great choices. I’m
not at all surprised how many Nintendo heroes make the list, or the reasons for including them.

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Beta Test Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (January 5, 2017)

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