Become Batman In Newest Trailer For Batman: Arkham VR

Get your mask and cape ready, because in the latest trailer for Batman: Arkham VR we get a tease of what a first-person experience as Batman will feel like.

In the first Dark Knight virtual reality experience you will descend into the Batcave, equip Batman’s gear, and then experience Gotham City and Wayne Manor from Batman’s eyes. Along with some new footage, the trailer seen below includes some players’ reactions to the experience during the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. After putting on the mask, one player states a mirror appears and as you glance into its reflection, Batman stares back at you. “That’s when you like, really feel it,” he says.

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Batman: Arkham VR is coming exclusively to PlayStation VR on October 1. It was one of our stand-out VR experiences from E3 2016, and we even got some in-depth hands-on time with the experience where we learned that it plays much like a DC Comics visual novel

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