Battlefield 1's Next Custom Game Detailed, February Update Coming

Today a blog on the Battlefield 1 website detailed what’s ahead in the coming weeks, discussing the next custom game and an update to hit next month for improvements.

Custom games are here to stay. Coming off of Armored Kill, a vehicle-friendly spin on Conquest, Battlefield 1’s next custom game is called Bleed Out. Bleed Out comes out very soon — January 18 to be exact  and the blog post refers to it as, “a custom version of Rush where downed enemy soldiers respawn faster than usual and regenerative health is turned off.”

In addition, it was confirmed that in February a new update with gameplay improvements will hit. No details were provided on exactly what will change, but it said the tweaks are based on constant testing and community feedback. The post said to expect specifics and full update notes in the near future.

The blog also provided a concept screen of the first expansion hitting in March to give you an idea of the design vision. 

You can view that and the entire post here

[Source: Battlefield 1 official site]


Our Take
It’s nice to see that the new custom game will be team-focused. as previous ones have been more about infantry-based combat, and that’s not what makes Battlefield special. Hopefully, we get patch notes soon to know exactly what will be addressed in the February update.

Beta Test Battlefield 1’s Next Custom Game Detailed, February Update Coming

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