Capcom Pulling The Plug On Mobile Puzzle Fighter

Capcom has announced that its mobile Puzzle Fighter game is shutting down in a few months. Before the game is pulled from the iOS and Android app stores in July, Capcom is giving players free access to new characters, stages, and a windfall of in-game currency.

The company revealed the news in a blog post, which outlined the schedule for the game’s ultimate deactivation. Starting today, players will be able to add Regina and Dr. Wily to their rosters at no cost, as well as 10,000 free gems. On April 23, Ada Wong and the Darminor and Uroboros Laboratory stages will be live, and they’ll also be free.

The game is being removed from app stores on July 1, but it will be playable until July 31. Capcom says it’s shutting down the game at least partially in an effort to focus more of Capcom Game Studio Vancouver’s attention on its Dead Rising series. 

[Source: Capcom]


Our Take
I loved Puzzle Fighter, but wasn’t a big fan of its mobile version – particularly its microtransaction model. On the bright side, I’ll happily take more Dead Rising…

Beta Test Capcom Pulling The Plug On Mobile Puzzle Fighter

Grab Satellite Reign For Free While It Lasts

Over at Humble Bundle, you can grab a free copy of Satellite Reign, a futuristic strategy game from 5 Lives Studios.

Head on over here to grab a copy, which also works on Steam. The cyberpunk game is well-loved by fans, so if that’s up your alley, this game might be, too.

It’s only available for a limited time, so you might not want to dawdle.


Beta Test Grab Satellite Reign For Free While It Lasts

Lootboxes With Real-World Value Have Been Ruled Unlawful In The Netherlands

The Netherlands Gaming Authority (NGA) has ruled that lootboxes which contain items that have value outside of the game themselves violate the country’s Betting and Gaming Act.

According to a post from the agency today, the NGA had been investigating lootboxes after receiving consumer complaints about ten specific titles. After the investigation, the organization decided that four of those ten titles had lootbox contents that could be exchanged for real world value.

As purely an example, since the NGA did not say specifically which games they were talking about, this could refer to something like a lootbox within PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The items a player gets from that can be of monetary value, even if the end result is not straight up government legal tender, it contains value that is close enough.

On the r/Games subreddit, a translation was provided of an article from Dutch website NOS, which believes the four titles to be PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Rocket League, FIFA 18, and Dota 2. NOS reports that the NGA has given the publishers of the four games eight weeks to either amend their model or face fines – or possibly pull the titles from sale in the Netherlands.

The NGA has stated that titles with real-life rewards are akin to slot machines or other gambling apparatuses and need to be licensed as such. You can find an English version of their report here.

[Source: GamaSutra]


Our Take
The industry is quickly finding that European gaming and gambling authorities are going to be looking at their practices a lot more closely. Whatever changes are happening with the system likely need to come fast.

Beta Test Lootboxes With Real-World Value Have Been Ruled Unlawful In The Netherlands

God Of War Director Cory Barlog Reacts To Reviews

God of War unlocks tonight and many of you will be playing the game for the first time in the next few hours. To commemorate that event, the game’s director, Cory Barlog, has released a video he recorded when the game’s review embargo ended last Thursday.

The video isn’t long, about five minutes, but it’s an interesting look at how creators feel seeing something they made get released and evaluated and finding out how people really feel about it. Developers often tell us that sometimes they get to the end of major projects after years of work and don’t know how people will receive it, the only thing they can really do is believe in themselves and their work.

You can see Barlog’s video below as he starts to get justifiably emotional at the reaction to God of War. It’s worth a watch.

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You can find our God of War review right here. The game releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 20.


Our Take
It’s a no doubt cathartic feeling for Barlog, but also serves as a good reminder that developers are people that more often than not are simply trying to make what they feel are the best games they can given their resources. This doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes, but it does feel nice to see them celebrating success, too.

Beta Test God Of War Director Cory Barlog Reacts To Reviews

Watch Us Play God Of War's First Two Hours

Update: The stream is now over, and you can watch the full archive below!

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Original Story: God of War releases tomorrow and it’s a really good game. You can read our review here. In celebration, today we will be streaming the opening two hours of the game!

We’ll be starting the stream at 3 p.m. CT (four hours from this posting), and we won’t discuss late-game revelations or spoilers outside of what is shown during the stream. Believe us when we say there is plenty to see later on – we promise.

You can click the banner below to watch the stream on Twitch, or you can watch on YouTube by clicking here.

Beta Test Watch Us Play God Of War’s First Two Hours

Deadpool 2 Director Signs On For The Division Movie

David Leitch is a busy guy, having finished the soon-to-be-released Deadpool 2 and working on a Fast & Furious spinoff starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. You can now add one more project to that list: The Division, based on Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter.

Variety reports that Leitch, who is emerging as the premiere name in action films in recent years with hits like John Wick and Atomic Blonde, has signed on to the project. Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhall have been attached since the movie’s conception and have reportedly been very involved in making sure the movie matches the feel and tone of the game.

The Division’s story concept is that a disease spread through cash in New York City on Black Friday – because everyone uses cash on Black Friday – and the resulting quarantine has more or less shut down the city, except for looters and other people for whom your division is there to shoot.

Variety points out that The Division will have to wait until 2019 at the earliest, since Leitch has already begun work on the aforementioned Fast & Furious movie. The Division 2 was announced earlier this year by Ubisoft with plans to reveal more at E3.

[Source: Variety]


Our Take
The Division’s story always seemed, in its best moments, laughably dumb, so I kind of hope a movie based on it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The hit-you-over-the-head subtleties of that game’s narrative seem like good bedding for satire rather than drama.

Beta Test Deadpool 2 Director Signs On For The Division Movie

GI Show – Black Ops 4, New BioShock, GI Internships

Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! We’re trying something a bit different on this week’s podcast because there’s a lot of interesting gaming news stories to break down. Ben Hanson is joined by Jeff Cork, Andrew Reiner, and Imran Khan to talk about Yakuza 6’s release and what it’s like to hunt Ewoks in Battlefront II before we break out a high-tech random-news generator to go through the rest. We cover the huge news of Call of Duty potentially removing the single-player component of Black Ops 4, PlayStation 5 rumors, and what we’d want from a rumored new BioShock game in development. After some great community emails, we’re joined by Game Informer’s outgoing interns Robbie Key, Joey Thurmond, and Jon Bowman to talk about their time in the office.

You can watch the video below, subscribe and listen to the audio on iTunes or Google Play, or listen to episode 395 on SoundCloud. Also, be sure to send your questions to for a chance to have them answered on the show and win a prize by becoming Email of the Week!

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Our thanks to the talented Super Marcato Bros. for The Game Informer Show’s intro song. You can hear more of their original tunes and awesome video game music podcast at their website.

To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below…

2:25 – Yakuza 6: The Song of Life
6:53 – Star Wars Battlefront 2 Ewok Hunt
10:45 – Ghost Recon’s Splinter Cell crossover
15:10 – A New BioShock?
19:50 – Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s missing single-player campaign/battle royale mode
28:25 – Radical Heights
31:30 – PlayStation 5 rumors
37:50 – Dragon Quest XI on Nintendo Switch
40:40 – Spyro Reignited Trilogy
43:00 – Steamspy’s demise
46:05 – Billy Mitchell’s saga
50:40 – Community emails
1:42:00 – GI interns Jon Bowman, Joey Thurmond, and Robbie Key

Beta Test GI Show – Black Ops 4, New BioShock, GI Internships

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Has A Free Xbox One Weekend Starting Today

If you’re not one of the millions of people who have decided whether or not they’re into this whole battle royale thing slowly taking over video games but you do have an Xbox One and a Gold subscription, then the only other thing you need is time this weekend.

Starting now, you can participate in a free weekend of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One. You can play until April 22, at which point you’ll either need to join the crowd or decide that dropping on an island is not your favorite pastime. The Xbox One X version of the game is enhanced and you can play with HDR if you want that extra pop.

The Xbox One and PC versions of the game follow separate update paths, so not all features advertised for the PC version are available on the Xbox One version.

Beta Test PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Has A Free Xbox One Weekend Starting Today

Warhammer 40K Inquisitor Martyr Delayed To June 5, Developers Promise Massive Crunch

Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor Martyr, a Diablo-like game set in the Warhammer universe, has been delayed from its May release to June 5. The developers Neocore Games have since promised to work “90+ hours per weeks” to make up for the delay.

The title was first released on Steam early access in August of last year and was set to release in a scant few weeks. The update announcing the delay, done for bugfixes on the console versions of the game and a desire to release all three versions at once, presents the extra time as a positive for polishing.

“On one hand, the usual, but always very true statement: this means that the PC version gets three extra weeks of polishing, which is never a bad thing,” the post written by producer Zoltán Pozsonyi reads. “This also means that the game will be in a much better shape at release.

Again, sorry for this as we kindly ask for your further patience and hopefully it won’t be a deal breaker for any of you. In return, we promise we’ll push this extra three weeks in 90+ hours per week so it’ll be very-very useful for Martyr.”

This level of crunch is not unheard of, but it is a little odd to hear it presented as a consumer benefit so plainly. For more about the world of gaming crunch and the notorious labor problems, you can read David Milner’s exhaustive investigative report on the state of crunch in the gaming industry.

[Source: PCGamesN]


Our Take
I’d be okay with them delaying the game six or nine weeks if it meant they worked normal hours.

Beta Test Warhammer 40K Inquisitor Martyr Delayed To June 5, Developers Promise Massive Crunch

Ubisoft Adds Animus Control Panel To Assassin's Creed Origins On PC

Ubisoft has announced mod-like control over Assassin’s Creed Origins on PC, making it so players can toy around with a number of different variables in the game at their leisure. 

The Animus Control Panel lets players change characters, change the strength of your attacks, add health, adjust stamina, or straight up turn on God mode and be immune to everything. If you’ve already played around with the game or just want to fly through it, the Animus Control Panel provides an official way to do so.

You can check out Ubisoft’s introduction video of the control panel below.

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There’s no sign the feature will also come to consoles, however. 


Our Take
I’m not sure I’d ever use it, but I am kind of bummed this wasn’t announced for consoles, as well. I wonder if it messes with variables in a way platform holders wouldn’t be happy with.

Beta Test Ubisoft Adds Animus Control Panel To Assassin’s Creed Origins On PC