Atari Co-Founder Ted Dabney Passes Away At Age 80

Video game pioneer and Atari co-founder Ted Dabney has passed away at age 80.

The news comes from close friend Leonard Herman.

Dabney was instrumental in the early history of Atari and video games, but is often left unsung. Originally one of the people behind Syzygy back in 1971, he helped create much of the company’s early hardware, including Pong, one of the biggest games in the world. He eventually left the company under disputed circumstances, with Dabney claiming he was forced out by Bushnell and the board of directors.

For an in-depth account of Dabney’s role at Atari and his many contributions to the company, you can read this interview excerpt from an episode of the RoundUp podcast.

Dabney was diagnosed with esophageal cancer late last year.

Game Informer¬†would like to offer Dabney’s friends and family our condolences.

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