Apple Has Announced A New Apple Watch And Three New Iphone X Variations

Apple’s September keynote conference, an annual event to announce their new phones and wearable tech, took place earlier today.

The tech and lifestyle company has announced that the Series 4 of the Apple Watch, which has a 35% bigger screen by erasing more or less eliminating the bezel on the previous watch face. The new watch has a number of new features, like detecting when you fall over and prompting you to send an emergency SOS. It also has a number of expanded heart rate features, such being able to tell when your heartbeat is irregular and advise you to see a doctor.

The Series 4 Apple Watch orders will start on September 14.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed the iPhone XS. A host of iterative improvements have been added to the new phone, with the materials being slightly better. The iPhone XS comes in two forms, a 5.8 inch version like last year’s iPhone X and a 6.5 inch, which is the same size as an iPhone 8 Plus but with a bigger display. The 6.5 inch iPhone XS is called the iPhone XS Max.

Bethesda Games Studio’s Todd Howard takes the stage to show off Elder Scrolls: Blades, the mobile Elder Scrolls title shown during Bethesda’s E3 conference earlier this year. The game is launching on iOS this Fall.

Galaga AR from developer Homecourt announced, showing a 3D game of Galaga being played using the phone’s camera. The game is part of the Arcade AR series coming to the iPhone.

Apple announces the iPhone XR, a new phone with a 6.1″ LCD display. The phone is being positioned as a cheaper alternative to the OLED iPhone X/XS using the same form factor and face ID. One major difference is a single camera versus the other iPhone X versions having two lenses. It starts at $749 and starts selling in October.

The iPhone XS and XS Max start at $999 and $1099 respectively. Preorders begin this Friday and ship out a week later.

Beta Test Apple Has Announced A New Apple Watch And Three New Iphone X Variations

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