Acquire Aloy's Attire With Limited Monster Hunter World Event

With the recent closure of the first round of Horizon Zero Dawn-themed quests in Monster Hunter World, PlayStation 4 players were able to dress their Palico companions in Watcher gear if they hunted down Windrakes. Now the stakes are greater with “The Proving” quest line, which poses the challenge of reaching rank 11 and slaying an Anjanath to earn Alloy’s iconic outfit (including her likeness) and bow. Your window of opportunity to obtain these items ends on February 28.

Monster Hunter World has a few crossovers with themed cosmetics and items ranging from Street Fighter V to Mega Man. When it comes to the limited variant, we recently wrote about disappearing DLC like this, which you can read by clicking here.

[Source: Monster Hunter on Twitter]

Beta Test Acquire Aloy’s Attire With Limited Monster Hunter World Event

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