A Hat In Time Lands on PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Today

3D platformer A Hat In Time, previously released on PC, is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game, which is published by Humble Bundle and developed by Gears for Breakfast, released the cute 3D platformer two months ago on October 5. While the game was well-received, it has been dogged with criticism by the gaming community for different reasons since release. The developers made the controversial choice to keep in once-prominent Youtuber Jonathan Jafari, known as Jontron, after his views pertaining to white supremacy became public. 

The Hat in Time Twitter account was recently deactivated after being manned by a developer for the game. The account saw a lot of response when it posted a tweet remarking that Switch owners were bothersome to the developer for complaining about the lack of the port, and implied the complaints made it more likely A Hat in Time would skip the console for good.

Gears for Breakfast has not responded to any request for comment since the game’s October release. When asked about the issues, publisher Humble Bundle stated “Humble Bundle is a super indie-friendly publisher, and we exercise zero
creative control on the games we support. 
Humble does not have any comments on JonTron’s comments.”

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