Pokémon Go's Mysterious New Pokémon Revealed To Be Meltan

Update 9/25: The Pokémon Company has officially revealed the mysterious Pokémon to be Meltan, the Hex Nut Pokémon. A steel-type Pokémon that uses “its liquid arms and legs to corrode metal and absorb it into its own body,” Meltan is now attainable in Pokémon Go, as players who encountered one only to have it transform into a Ditto when caught can now expect it to turn back into a Meltan. Unfortunately, it seems the Meltan has become a bit harder to come by than it was at first, but is still available for capture.

The company also confirmed that Pokémon Go will be “key to meeting this curious new Pokémon in Pokémon Let’s Go!” This likely means capturing Meltan in Go will let you transfer to the Let’s Go games, or that it will allow you to encounter one and catch it in the Switch games. You can watch a quick trailer detailing the “discovery” in the tweet below.


The original story is as follows.

As Pokémon Go players were getting ready to catch Chikoritas for today’s community day (they’re likely to be shiny!), they discovered something else: A Pokémon no one has ever seen before.

Reports of a new critter being sighted reportedly began in the Asia-Pacific (the first time zone the community would start) region, according to Pokémon Go info site Silph Road.


The new Pokémon, which shows up as “???” in the encounter interface, looks like a tiny, silver Ditto with a hexagonal nut on top of it, except its single eye is located inside the nut. When caught, it shows up as a Ditto or Chikorita in your interface, meaning trainers can’t add it to their Pokédex for now. After the initial reports, sightings of the Pokémon showed up across multiple regions, including New York and Minnesota (where our own dispatched reported Kyle Hilliard encountered one).

Some have also reported seeing Kecleon instead of the new Pokémon, and Silph Road later found that the new critter’s cry matched that of the reptilian Pokémon.


What is going on? Is it a sly way to reveal a new Pokémon? A glitch that may be teasing the next generation of Pokémon may be hitting the mobile game soon? Is this the latest form MissingNo, and the game is trying to prevent us from getting 99 Great Balls in our inventory by turning it into a Ditto when caught? Only time will tell.

Beta Test Pokémon Go’s Mysterious New Pokémon Revealed To Be Meltan

2K Foundations Started To Help Communities Through Basketball

2K has announced that it has inaugurated 2K Foundations, a program aimed at refurbishing basketball courts and helping kids with STEM education in underserved communities across the U.S.

The foundation will renovate 12 basketball courts starting in cities like Cincinnati (check out the trailer from the Cincinnati event below), Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Cleveland the first year.

2K Foundations is also upgrading technology at community centers to enable STEM education programs (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), including a partnership with Microsoft to provide Xbox One stations and other equipment.

Beta Test 2K Foundations Started To Help Communities Through Basketball

Mark Of The Ninja Remastered Heads To Switch In October

Before Don’t Starve and Invisible Inc., Klei Entertainment made its name with its colorful indie take on stealth, Mark Of The Ninja. We were big fans of the game back in 2012, awarding it a 9, with reviewer Matt Miller calling the game “one of the welcome surprises of the year.”

Those who haven’t played Mark of the Ninja (or want to revisit it) and own Switch will get the chance to do so when the remastered version of the game releases on October 9. You can watch a trailer right here:

For more on Indies coming to Switch, check out our roundup of the last Nindies presentation.

Beta Test Mark Of The Ninja Remastered Heads To Switch In October

Hitman 2 Enters The Jungle In New Trailer

Creeping through wet, tropical foliage with nothing but a rain poncho and a fiber wire, Hitman 2’s latest trailer takes you through the vibrant Colombian rainforest as Agent 47 picks off three cartel bosses in his signature creative style. Set in the tourist village of Santa Fortuna, the trailer shows off lush jungle environments, underground caverns, and the interior of a mansion owned by the local Delgado drug cartel. 

In addition to looking gorgeous, the locale also introduces a new gameplay feature that sees Agent 47 using the the dense vegetation of the Colombian forest to stay hidden and conceal bodies. 

The sequel to 2016’s Hitman published by Square Enix, Hitman 2 continues Agent 47’s mission but this time as a single release, as opposed to its predecessor’s episodic format. Hitman 2 also introduces the new Sniper game mode (see below), where players can work together cooperatively or on their own to take down targets. 

Developed by IO Interactive and published by Warner Bros. Interactive, Hitman 2 is aimed to release November 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. 


Beta Test Hitman 2 Enters The Jungle In New Trailer

Jackbox Party Pack 5 Targets October Release

The latest installment of the Jackbox Party Pack series is headed to PS4 on October 16, followed soon after by a release on PC and Mac on October 17. That news comes via a tweet from Jackbox Games today, which should allow fans to begin planning their first friend get-together to try out the new included games.

Jackbox Party Pack 5 is set to offer five distinct games, including a new twist on the trivia classic You Don’t Know Jack, a game about hypothetical situations called Split the Room, a rap lyric creation game called Mad Verse City, an invention drawing game called Patently Stupid, and an unusually action-packed game called Zeeple Dome. You can even watch us play Patently Stupid in our episode of New Gameplay Today right here.

Like previous installments, the new game has players logging in with their phones as controllers through an easy-to-use interface, making it simple to change player counts on the fly.

If the new release even comes close to matching the quality of previous installments, Jackbox Party Pack 5 should be an easy pick for a fun party night.

Beta Test Jackbox Party Pack 5 Targets October Release

The Sports Desk – The Doomsday Scenario & Silver Lining For FIFA

I’ve played and reviewed FIFA 19, and in my time with the game I’ve found that its changes are more noticeable on the pitch than off of it. With the game’s modes, from career mode to Ultimate Team, largely the same I’m cautious when I think about the series’ future.

Ultimate Team is clearly FIFA’s raison d’être given how much money it brings in, so it’s no surprise that for years the game’s career/franchise mode has not evolved significantly. What’s the future, then, for career mode? While there’s certainly room to grow from where it is now – including making fixes to A.I. logic governing everything from team selection to transfer decisions, among many other possible improvements – imagining a brighter future for the mode is disheartening, when creative director Matthew Prior notes that the mode is low down the totem pole (BTW, I had someone check the German translation, which they say is accurate).

An argument could be made that now the Alex Hunter Journey story mode is ending resources could be poured back into the career mode, but I don’t think it’s as easy as that. The career mode needed a refresh even before The Journey came on the scene, and regardless of The Journey it doesn’t bring in tangible cash like Ultimate Team. Plus, if the ostensible reason for the story mode was to bring in more casual gamers (and, cynically, get them in the door to play Ultimate Team), improving career mode – which caters to more hardcore fans who care about minutia like youth teams and transfer amounts – doesn’t fit the bill vacated by The Journey. It’s also possible developers EA Vancouver try to fold in story aspects into an existing mode or morph it into something entirely new, and thus there wouldn’t be any spare/additional resources for career mode anyway.

I’d like to see this happen, particularly if story and manager/career/franchise aspects could be successfully all folded into one experience like NBA 2K does, but even with The Journey going away and the decks possibly cleared for something new, one thing gives me pause – The Champions League. Particularly, what it costs EA to have the license for the competition as well as the Europa League. These are positives for the series to have, but they aren’t free, and the bottom line always affects development.

So what’s the silver lining then? The gameplay. FIFA 19 shows improvement in this department, and building off the assumption that Ultimate Team is king, then any improvements to the gameplay will also benefit the series’ main mode and thus should be attended to. Hopefully gameplay not only continues to improve but Ultimate Team itself continues to cater to different kinds of players with new ways to play and earn coins, and quality of life improvements make things better for everyone.

So when I think of the future of FIFA, as both a fan of career mode as well as Ultimate Team, I don’t see things changing all that much. That’s not to say that elements like gameplay won’t get better, but there are reasons the current balance of power is entrenched like it is, and I can’t see something disrupting it now.

Beta Test The Sports Desk – The Doomsday Scenario & Silver Lining For FIFA

A Glimpse Into Red Dead Redemption II's Amazing Wilderness

This morning, Rockstar Games announced that they have created an astonishing 200 different animal species – and developed interactive AI for each one – in their pursuit to craft the most immersive open world for Red Dead Redemption II. After the initial tweet showing off a small sample of this vast ecosystem, Rockstar posted a link to an expanded blog on its official site.


Players will encounter large herds on the move and dangerous predators seeking out prey. If Red Dead Redemption is any indication, you can expect to find yourself as both the hunter and hunted. The post shows drawings of several species including: a grizzly bear, a white-tailed buck, an alligator, and a banded Gila monster. The diversity of the creature types hints at the environment variety we can expect in the game. Also, each drawing has a page number in the bottom right. Could this possibly be the new look for Red Dead Redemption II’s animal index?

Red Dead Redemption II will have more in-depth activities to explore in its wind-swept plains, dusty deserts, and shadowed forests. Last month’s gameplay trailer showed Arthur Morgan carrying a deer which, the blog confirms, can not only feed the hungry gang, but also be sold for cash. Rockstar advises you keep numerous factors in mind to increase your hunting success. From picking the gun which will kill an animal and not lower the quality of its meat, to staying down-wind to avoid detection, hunting will be a test of your skills and patience. Fishing presents its own set of challenges. You can choose different lures and bait to attract a multitude of fish. In either activity, the difference between bagging a trophy or leaving empty handed rests with you.

Coming in a kaleidoscope of colors, breeds, and characteristics, Rockstar promises your horse will be as important to your adventure as the gang. Its stats are influenced by how you treat it and the animal becomes more reliable as your shared bond grows. Pick up your new equine companion in a stable or break it in the wilderness; chose from a wide array of gear or leave it bare; the possibilities are plentiful.

Red Dead Redemption is coming on October 26 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you’re interested in pouring over what we found out in our recent hands-on demo, just head here.

[Source: Rockstar Games]

Beta Test A Glimpse Into Red Dead Redemption II’s Amazing Wilderness

Red Dead Redemption II PS4 Pro Bundle Announced

Saddle up this 1TB PS4 Pro when you head off into the frontier with Red Dead Redemption II on October 26.

The bundle retails for $399.99 (pre-orders have started), and includes the game and the system (no custom finish).

For a complete look at the game, check out Jeff Cork’s recent hands-on impressions.

[Source: Official PlayStation Blog]

Beta Test Red Dead Redemption II PS4 Pro Bundle Announced

The Hidden Gems Of TGS 2018

TGS always has the obvious hitters, from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts to Capcom’s Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. But that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to the show. Part of the fun is finding the impressive, if lesser known, games among the chaos. Whenever I’m at the show, I’m compelled to search every nook and cranny. This year, I once again found some cool upcoming games that you might not know about but should. 

Inazuma Eleven: Ares (PS4, Switch)

Level 5’s soccer RPG is extremely popular in Japan but has yet to match the success overseas – a new entry on the red-hot Nintendo Switch could change this, as long as Level-5 can see its potential and gives North American gamers a better idea of its charm. At TGS, we had a blast testing out a soccer match in a Japanese build, where we had to outsmart our opponent by thwarting their advances, making smart passes, and shooting at opportune moments. A high-speed soccer match quickly becomes about conserving the cost of your moves, as every teammate has a limited amount of points to dole out for these special attack and defense powers. As a sports and RPG lover, it was easily some of the most fun I had the show. Even if you’re not a diehard fan of either, the mechanics and controls are simple, making them easy to grasp.

Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World (PS4, Switch, PC)

Up until now, we’ve always controlled an alchemist in this long-running series, but for its 20th anniversary, things are about to change. In this entry, you are the new governor of a struggling town and your focus is on rebuilding it to greater heights, which entails deciding where to place shops, landmarks, roads, and more to attract more people to your growing locale. Although Nelke’s mission is focused more on making the town a success and tracking down special sage relics, the game isn’t completely devoid of alchemy. Alchemists from past games are on hand to make items for Nelke as long she assigns them to do so. This entry is celebrating a big milestone for the series, after all.  Expect stalwarts from early on in the series like Marie to more recent item-crafters such as Sophie. Seeing all these alchemists interact should provide plenty of fun and you can also bring them into battle with you. However, the true allure is micro-managing your town right down to how these alchemists fit in it, as you assign them tasks, alchemy recipes, and to run shops based on who you think is the best fit.

Kill La Kill the Game: IF (PS4, PC)

Arc System Works has a great track record with its fighting game repertoire, as can be seen in Dragon Ball FighterZ, BlazBlue, and The Guilty Gear series. Kill La Kill the Game: IF, based on the well-known anime, is its next fighting venture, and if you’ve liked what Arc has done in the past, look no further. Moves are easy to execute with strong and weak attacks for combos alongside specials and the ability to counter. A system similar to BlazBlue’s burst system, lets you interrupt an attack and throw your opponent off you. So far only a few characters have been shown off, from Ryuko Matoi to Uzu Sanageyama in his Blade Regalia Mk, but based on the mixed characters we played, it seems like the game will offer a versatile roster, with quick jabbers and slower, powerful attackers for options. A lot of fighting games are on the horizon, but I liked the fact that I could just pick up and play Kill La Kill and instantly have a lot of fun. I can’t wait to learn some more complex combos and see what depth it holds.

The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

Swery has made a name for himself by creating offbeat, intriguing adventures, but this might be his most distinct yet. Due out in just a few weeks, The Missing has you searching a mysterious island for your friend that has disappeared, but perhaps the most interesting concept is how you solve puzzles by doing the one thing most games punish you for: hurting yourself. As you hurl yourself into spikes, wrecking balls, fire pits, and a bevy of other harmful objects that normally would kill you in games, body parts fall off of the main character’s body and you use them in unique ways to solve puzzles. You can use your decimated body to change the weight of your character, while other times you’ll throw your body parts into things or to knock them down. Swery said he wanted to focus on something more gameplay-centric this time around and play off players’ expectations on how to succeed in a game, and you can bet it made us look at every encounter a bit differently. Oh, and did we mention, you collect donuts? Because why not? Everyone loves donuts.

Ninjala (Switch)

GungHo has made a name for itself with its Puzzle and Dragons series, and more recently the free-to-play Let It Die. Its next project is a multiplayer game that taps into the signature GungHo humor. As of right now, Ninjala offers two different modes: battle royale or team versus. Players are unleashed onto stages based off different countries and must earn the most points by fighting other players, collecting items, or performing special moves. You have your choice of a weapon, from baseball bats to yo-yos to dole out damage, but your true secret weapon is bubble gum.

You blow bubbles to not only change the size of your weapon, but can also blow bubbles to toss at opponents and trap them. The game becomes about constantly accessing the risk versus reward of each situation. For instance, blowing a big bubble takes time, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks, but it also can create a much more powerful weapon or greater chance of trapping an enemy in its stickiness. Blowing bubbles also allow you to climb up surfaces to get the jump on opponents or find hard-to-reach items. While GungHo couldn’t talk much about specifics, it did say the game will come down to customizing your player with different ninja gum, specifically deciding what is best to bring into the fight and when is the opportune time to use it. Our hands-on time proved a lot of fun, if GungHo can ensure it has a long shelf life with a lot of variety and depth, it could be a hit.

Beta Test The Hidden Gems Of TGS 2018

Vampyr Receives New Difficulty Modes Next Week

Earlier this summer, Focus Home Interactive announced that Vampyr would be receiving two new difficulty modes soon. We’ve finally received word that these additions are coming to the open-world vampire simulator by next week, on September 26.

The new content consists of a hard mode that amps up the difficulty and gives you less experience points for defeating enemies. This means that players must “embrace” (also known as sucking blood) more citizens to gain more power.

The new story mode “de-emphasizes” the combat, putting more focus on the narrative and introducing a lower difficulty. Considering how difficult Vampyr’s combat and certain boss encounters can be, this sounds like an enticing mode for those that want a simpler playthrough.

You can read our review of Vampyr by heading here.

Beta Test Vampyr Receives New Difficulty Modes Next Week