Multiplayer Comes To Stardew Valley In August

Ready to farm with friends? Co-op multiplayer is finally hitting Stardew Valley, well, the PC version at least. The multiplayer update hits on August 1 for PC users. Console players, including Switch owners, will have to settle for “coming soon.”

Developer ConcernedApe made the announcement today with a short trailer that showcased the multiplayer mechanics in action. You can watch the trailer right here:

You can read our review for the original release of Stardew Valley here. The game also won our Best Simulation Game of 2016 award.

Beta Test Multiplayer Comes To Stardew Valley In August

Spec Ops: The Line developer sets its sights on multiplayer

In 2011, Yager Development made waves with the dark, provocative shooter Spec Ops: The Line before changing gears to focus on a space ship combat simulator called Dreadnought. Now the studio is going back to shooters with the multiplayer-focused FPS The Cycle.

The Cycle takes place on an alien world called Fortuna III “full of fortune, alien life, and other players looking to take its riches.” The goal of The Cycle is not to rack up as many kills as possible in a single 20-minute match but instead to complete as many contract as possible, earning money to buy gear and weapons for future matches. Players will be competing with one another but will also have to take on the monsters that populate Fortuna III.

Further details on classes and a crafting system are scant and there’s no gameplay footage or screens (outside of environment shots you can see in the gallery below) for The Cycle. However, Yager says the game will be in closed alpha in the coming weeks, with an early access release target of 2018 for PC. Yager also says it plans to have a console release for the game sometime in the future.

You can find out more info on The Cycle by checking out the official site. For more on Yager’s games, check out our coverage of Dreadnought and our review of Spec Ops: The Line.


Beta Test Spec Ops: The Line developer sets its sights on multiplayer

The Washington Post's Twitch Channel Incorporates Video Games And It Is Surreal

Picture this: you’re The Washington Post. Opinions on what you do vary, but regardless of reputation, you’re still one of the biggest news sources in America. You want the growing audience of online millennials to engage with your news and they tend to pay attention to Twitch. So you open a Twitch channel. Duh.

That in itself isn’t that weird, there are a lot of brand-owned Twitch channels that don’t have anything to do with games. As Twitch has expanded after the Amazon buyout, the streaming service has increasingly reached beyond gaming to things like simply eating on stream. The Washington Post dipped their toes into the service earlier this year, livestreaming Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s senate testimony in April and revived the channel this past week to cover president Trump’s press conference in Helsinki. Today, WaPo decided to launch a new show titled Playing Games with Politicians and bring Twitch content back to gaming.

It’s actually incredibly weird.

The inaugural episode brings in Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida, commonly known for a full-throated defense of the current White House, to play Madden 18 with WaPo reporter David Weigel. Gaetz chose the game, despite not really playing games a lot himself, because it represented what Gaetz describes as a way to prove you’re a real American. Regardless of whether or not that’s something he actually believes, Gaetz certainly knows his stuff in Madden, as he utterly demolishes Weigel. Gaetz wins the game 26 to 0 with ease. You can check out the video below.

While the two play games, Weigel peppers Gaetz with occasional questions about congress, his appearance on Alex Jones’ InfoWars show, and picking questions from the chat. In typical Twitch fashion, people with usernames like taylorswiftsatan want to know Gaetz’s opinions about Kappa emotes while the exasperated producer sift through the chat for questions.

Using a Twitch channel in this method is interesting, as it can very possibly get people who are otherwise uninterested in politics to engage with this hybrid of video games and political question. It seems unlikely as a practical question that people will be so curious about the game that they will find themselves immersed in political discourse as a happy accident. That said, for the people squarely in the center of this Venn diagram, there are likely interesting things to be gleamed from this format.

Next week’s show will have Democratic Congresswoman Suzan DelBene from Washington’s first district, who has chosen Wii Sports as her game.


It is an interesting experiment in the traditional video model, but watching it, it felt ultimately surreal. Gaetz, who has done things like invite a known holocaust denier who endorsed murdering Black Lives Matter activists to the State of the Union, is simultaneously defending his views while doing something most people do for fun. The act of playing a game with someone doesn’t square with his public persona and it makes the whole thing feel strangely uncomfortable. Perhaps it was the intention of the segment to humanize politicians who are shown mostly by what they do and say professionally, but it left me feeling colder about Madden than warmer toward Gaetz.

Beta Test The Washington Post’s Twitch Channel Incorporates Video Games And It Is Surreal

New Mario Kart 8 Update Adds Breath Of The Wild Content

Nintendo has announced a new update to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which adds some Zelda content from Link’s latest adventure to his Mario Kart races. From the patch notes for today’s update, version 1.6.0:

  • New character added: Link (Champion’s Tunic)
  • New vehicle added: Master Cycle Zero
  • New tires added: Ancient Tires
  • New glider added: Paraglider

The content here comes from Breath of the Wild. Link’s blue Champion Outfit is as close to a canon outfit as you can get in a game that lets you change clothes on the fly. The Master Cycle, introduced in the Champion of the Ballads DLC, is Link’s motorcycle, making a natural fit for the Mario Kart series. The paraglider is the item Link gets that lets him escape the plateau at the beginning of the game and traverse high peaks and low valleys.

The update comes out of nowhere, though Nintendo’s software head Shinya Takahashi hinted last week that further Mario Kart 8 updates would be coming soon. Hopefully there are more updates on the way, though this is definitely pretty neat.

Beta Test New Mario Kart 8 Update Adds Breath Of The Wild Content

Torch Man Lights Up The Night Sky In Mega Man 11

Only you can prevent forest fires, but when they happen, only Mega Man can destroy them. Introducing Torch Man, the newest fire boss to series with a long legacy of fire bosses.

Torch Man is, well, a giant walking robot torch in a forest stage. The clip of his boss fight shows his powered up Gear state, which lights him aflame as he speeds up and throws out fire projectiles like there’s no tomorrow. Check out the footage below.

Mega Man 11 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on October 2.

Beta Test Torch Man Lights Up The Night Sky In Mega Man 11

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Lets You Toggle Between Old And New Music

Interested in the Spyro remake but you’re nostalgic for the old tunes? Thankfully, Toys for Bob will include a toggle in the game for you to play with all the new graphical changes but the same music you remember.

Announced at the San Diego Comic Con 2018 Spyro panel, you can choose between the newly arranged music based on the original game and the music from the PlayStation originals. Check out the video below to scope the differences.

In addition, The Police’s Stewart Copeland, the series’ original composer, is returning to do the trilogy remake’s main theme. The new track, titled Tiger Train, reprises and remixes motifs from all three games of the Spyro trilogy.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 21.

Beta Test Spyro Reignited Trilogy Lets You Toggle Between Old And New Music

GI Show – Our Top 5 Arcade Games, Barcades, Killer Queen Interview

Game Informer’s Andy McNamara, Andrew Reiner, Ben Hanson, and Kyle Hilliard break down their favorite arcade games of all time. Then the co-founder of the barcade Up-Down, Josh Ivey, calls in to talk about what it’s like to run such an establishment in 2018. After some great community emails, we’re joined by Bumblebear’s Nik Mikros and Josh DeBonis and Liquid Bit’s Matt Tesch to talk about the origins of the arcade phenomenon Killer Queen and the upcoming version launching on the Nintendo Switch Killer Queen Black.

You can watch the video below, subscribe and listen to the audio on iTunes or Google Playlisten to episode 407 on SoundCloud, or download the MP3 by clicking here. Also, be sure to send your questions to for a chance to have them answered on the show.

To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below…

1:50 – Pokémon GO Fest
5:20 – Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion
6:46 – Andy McNamara and Andrew Reiner’s arcade history
14:40 – Moon Patrol
16:20 – Tempest
20:05 – Virtual On
22:00 – Donkey Kong
26:55 – Double Dragon
28:28 – Donkey Kong again
29:55 – Time Crisis
21:10 – Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
34:22 – Ms Pac Man
38:50 – NBA Jam
41:05 – Killer Instinct
42:30 – Robotron 2084
45:05 – Street Fighter 2
52:20 – Galaga

56:20 – Star Wars Trilogy Arcade
57:55 – Star Wars Arcade
1:00:05 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
1:02:20 – Sunset Riders
1:04:00 – Honorable mentions
1:08:20 – The barcade scene
1:11:10 – Up-Down Arcade Co-founder Josh Ivey Interview
1:23:25 – Community emails
2:09:03 – Killer Queen interview

Beta Test GI Show – Our Top 5 Arcade Games, Barcades, Killer Queen Interview

First Trailer For Dragon Ball Super: Broly Brings The Legendary Super Saiyan To Earth

It hasn’t been that long since Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the latest movie in the Dragon Ball Super series, was announced, but we already have a trailer for the clash of Saiyans.

The trailer shows a new design for Paragus, the elder Saiyan who points Broly at things, bringing the legendary Super Saiyan to Earth. The quick flashes show Broly fighting Vegeta, Golden Freeza, and Goku, with the stinger at the end showing Broly transforming into his even more muscular Super Saiyan form.

You can catch the Japanese trailer uploaded by TOEI below.

The movie is scheduled for December in Japan and should quickly follow with an English release in U.S. theaters in January. The screenplay is written by Akira Toriyama, making this the first introduction of Broly into the Dragon Ball canon, though his brand of rage-based Saiyan power has been found in other universes, as well.

I wonder if we’ll get a canon Turles movie next because I demand an explanation for why he looks identical to Goku.

Beta Test First Trailer For Dragon Ball Super: Broly Brings The Legendary Super Saiyan To Earth

Star Wars: Force Arena Adds Fulcrum Ahsoka And Rebel Rex

Coinciding with the announcement of Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ return, Netmarble announced that Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) and Rex (Rebel) are joining the Star Wars: Force Arena roster today. The update also adds Gar Saxon – leader of the Imperial Super Commandos from Star Wars: Rebels – the B-wing prototype, Imperial Super Commandos and TIE defenders.

Today’s update kicks off the Jawa’s Special Offer Event, which runs until July 26 and offers players who spend a certain amount of credits with in-game rewards.

For more Star Wars: Force Arena, take a trip back to Game Informer’s Test Chamber

Beta Test Star Wars: Force Arena Adds Fulcrum Ahsoka And Rebel Rex

Velocity Suit For Spider-Man Shown Off As Part Of Preorder Pack

Another piece of Spider-Man news coming out of San Diego Comic Con is the third suit of the Spider-Man suit pack given for preorders of the game. While Punk Spider-Man had already been confirmed, as well as Avengers: Infinity War’s Iron Spider outfit, Velocity Suit Spider-Man rounds out the package with its announcement today.

The suits are only early unlocks for preorders. Anyone who has the game will be able to earn them later, but if you want the suits from the moment you launch the game, the preorder pack is what you want. You can check out a trailer for all three suits below.

You can also find art of the suit from its designer Adi Granov right here.

In other Spider-Man news for today, a limited edition PS4 Pro was announced, as well as a new trailer for the story.

Beta Test Velocity Suit For Spider-Man Shown Off As Part Of Preorder Pack